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Subj: Re: Monica Rambeau = Ms. Marvel?
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    Electricity, light, and heat are easy enough to depict wordlessly with a little artistic talent; x-rays, too, with some creativity (like showing see-through flesh or something). I don't see those as being deal-breakers or requiring captions at all.

    Something like neutrinos might take a bit more work -- another character or device sensing them, perhaps, or, yes, a one-off caption simply stating the energy-form's nature placed next to to Monica. Iron Fit and Doctor Strange now get those sorts of things telling the reader the name of the cool kung-fu gimmick or magic spell they're using, so why not Monica?

You tell me. It's been twenty-five years since Roger Stern was the regular writer on Avengers. Since then, the only writer to pick Monica up as a feature character for an ongoing series has been Warren Ellis in a series that lasted only a year. Apart from that, Monica's resume has been twenty-five years of sporadic appearances. Cameos or supporting roles in miniseries. Friggin' Squirrel-Girl has gotten more attention than she has.

There's a decided lack of interest in her among creators for some reason or another.


Much of that seems to be that she's a bit too much of a "flawless" character for most writers. She has a very expansive powerset, she's a trained law officer and former Avenger who therefore lacks the "rookie" hook, and she never developed an interesting non-costumed life to generate drama.

On the other side of things, no one's really found an alternate powerset for her that wasn't rather generic (super-strength, energy blasts). She's a difficult character to use in the Marvel Universe, where the flaws and oddities of the heroes most often drive the stories. What are Monica's flaws and oddities, other than the comically insane personality Ellis gave her in a humor-based series?

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