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Subj: Re: Monica Rambeau = Ms. Marvel?
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    Much of that seems to be that she's a bit too much of a "flawless" character for most writers. She has a very expansive powerset, she's a trained law officer and former Avenger who therefore lacks the "rookie" hook, and she never developed an interesting non-costumed life to generate drama.

    On the other side of things, no one's really found an alternate powerset for her that wasn't rather generic (super-strength, energy blasts). She's a difficult character to use in the Marvel Universe, where the flaws and oddities of the heroes most often drive the stories. What are Monica's flaws and oddities, other than the comically insane personality Ellis gave her in a humor-based series?

Omar, how does Jean Grey fit into your theory? She was fairly prominent in between Inferno and Morrison's run and I can't think of many flaws she had in that period. The only major one was her temper and I can count on one hand the number of times that it caused problems.

You'll notice Jean was written out for years on two separate occasions, and most recently she was replaced entirely as both the X-Men's primary field telepath and as Scott Summers's love interest by Emma Frost,a character whose personal flaws have sometimes extended into outright monstrosities.

During the times she was around, post-1981, writers perennially teased her becming the Phoenix/Dark Phoenix again...flaws and oddities, in other words, were bolted on whenever possible.

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