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Subj: Avengers Assemble #8: PBP...
Posted: Fri Oct 19, 2012 at 11:31:03 pm EDT (Viewed 528 times)
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Avengers Assemble #8:

The art was dynamic as expected/usual so far in the run. And helped carry the story again despite the many problems that really detracted from the internally somewhat-decent although simplistic telling. This felt like a test of elements to include in a film script in some ways. Iron Man and Thor shine this issue. Here's my PBP reactions...

00 Decent symbolic cover.


01-02 Rehash of the cliffhanger.

03 Thor is verily a self-sacrificing hero.

04 Avengers and GoG just stand and watch Iron Man do his stuff.

05 Avengers and GoG just stand and watch Thor do his stuff.

06-07 Thanos strikes powerfully - with decompressed F/X.

08 Decent Reed/POTUS confab. Superfluous danger-level designation.

09 Enter: The Cancerverse. (Ugh. Zombies.)

    We also have no mention of how anyone killed in the Thanos Imperative are back such as Drax the Destroyer. Did Kronos revive him again?

    How did Thanos escape the Cancerverse? he was of course brought back due to the Avengers movie, and the Guardians are back due to their possible movie but no word on how they are back or how Star Lord and Thanos escaped the Cancerverse.....truly bad Deus Ex machina "They are back because we snapped our fingers and for no other reason".

    I wonder if perhaps Nova escaped as well and due to severe injuries he is healing somewhere and has empowered the new Nova.....

All more than fair concerns to voice! In the good olde days readers got footnotes and flashbacks of what happened to returning characters... aaah the good old days...

10-11 Tony works his scientific magic. Tony downplays the frickin' homemade cosmic cube concept properly. Tony gets in some top notch character quotes. Tony reveals how embarrasingly gullible Thanos is here. Tony prompts a powerful stare by Starlord for True Believers to appreciate. Tony (pet peeve alert!) THINKS or WHISPERS the brackets in his word balloon??!!

12 Reuniting with the co-banished Elders.

13 Sillyness - A.I.M. is smarter than the Elders. BAH. Tony is more inenuitive than the Elders. BAH. Guess they could have compare him as Engineer Supreme to Pym's Scientist Supreme here - both a station above Elder methodology... *rolls eyes*

14 Thanos goes to Earth - with more gratuitous F/X.

15 Aaaargh! Was just getting use to accepting this arc happens after Hulk joins up with the team in AvX but here we get Carol in pre-Cpt.Marvel garb. AND not only that but Hill is demoted from director to acting commander. Ugh. More gratuitous danger-level designations. Sheesh! Reed gives up easy - he accepted Johnny as dead when he wasn't and here he gives up on his Avengers peers so easily.

16 Iron Man and Thor shine some more as the heroes to make the ridged chin maniac look like a glass jawed one.

17 Hulk boringly does the X-men fastball special schtick. Groot does his stick... err schtick. Both decent schticks so can't complain too much.

18 Worst. Battle. Ever. As never ending and non-consistent the group attack on the lone team-buster Omega+ level threat of PF-Scott was - THIS was the exact opposite.

19 Decent way to wrap up this corny crisis conclusively. Spidey makes a funny.

20 Once again Top Cop Cap doesn't even know whats going on. Forshadowing of the reason for the GoG's pointless presence this ish: http://www.comicboards.com/php/show.php?rpy=ironman-2012101400233182. Spider-Woman standing close to Hawkeye... uh, yeah it's a stretch to try to see something worth something before... nevermind.

21 One extra page for the one extra buck. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, Badoon hate Earthers.

Here are some of those pages:







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