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Subj: Re: Are you a fan of the Eternals?
Posted: Mon Oct 22, 2012 at 02:22:59 pm EDT (Viewed 278 times)
Reply Subj: Are you a fan of the Eternals?
Posted: Mon Oct 22, 2012 at 01:21:13 pm EDT (Viewed 240 times)

    What is it about Gilgamesh that you like so well? Just wondering.

No I'm not particularly a big fan of the Eternals. I really only like Gilgamesh. I'm sure everyone here loves Sersi but I always felt like she usurped his place on the team.

The first comic I ever bought was Avengers #300. The reason I bought the issue? The dude with the big cowhead on the cover.

Gil seemed like he had a bit of a sadness to him. He had often had adventures in the world of man but wherever he went he was a stranger. Even amongst his own people his name had been forgotten. He was a warrior and a stoic. He appeared to have no true friends, lovers or family to speak of. Oh he doubtlessly had several nights of passions with princesses and maidens and the like and he had forged fellowships with other warriors who loved to slay monsters but they were all fleeting. He never had anyone to really care about or anyone who really cared about him. His joining the Avengers was his admitting to himself that something had to change in his life. That he had to forge true bonds with people. That he could find a way to balance the life of adventure he loved with the loneliness of being forgotten. That he had found a group of compatriots that also loved adventure and that they had the potential to finally be something he had never had before...true friends.

And then the next writer came along, had him bitchslapped by a lava monster and shipped him off to live with his people...the same people he spent an eternity avoiding because they just didn't get him.