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    To be fair, while the Avengers could have done more helping mutants out, the X-Men pretty much considered themselves the final authority in mutant questions. They also had the tendency to isolate themselves from the rest of the superhero community and did things their own way, which quite often wasn't exactly living up the normal superhero standard, especially with Wolverine and later Psylocke involved. Don't get me started on the 90ties, when Cable and Bishop joined with their 'huge' guns.
    They never asked for help or assistence in the first place.

I think that's part of the problem. The Avengers turned a blind eye and rationalized almost everything mutant related was in the X-Men's wheelhouse and not in theirs and because of that isolation the X-Men have become more and more militant.

Maybe the world would be a better place if the Avengers were the ones policing the mutants of the world and not the X-Men. With their reputation and respectability the Avengers could make lives easier for the mutants more than any X team ever could. The fact that the Avengers aren't that close to the problem means they may have a more leavened perspective of how to fight mutant discrimination and mutant terrorism more than mutants always caught up in all the drama.