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Subj: Re: Speculation about upcomin Uncanny Avengers
Posted: Wed Oct 24, 2012 at 07:33:57 pm EDT (Viewed 10 times)
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    they did say that by the end of issue 6 there will be two more people joining the team. I think adding Magneto would be a great thing for the book. Here you would have a classic marvel villian on a team with Captain America. While Magneto has been a hero it was always up in the air for the non mutant heroes. I think this would add so much more drama that would make the dynamic of the book a great read. It would be interesting to see how Thor and Captain America work with a guy they usually fought against. Plus with the Scarlet Witch on the team he would be with his daughter. I am all for this.

I think that would be a BAD idea.

Magneto is a ruthless terrorist. Putting him on a team with Captain America would devalue Captain America's reputation. It would be seen as Cap using his reputation to somehow legitimize Magneto's.

If I lived in the Marvel Universe and saw Cap willingly working with a terrorist like Magneto I would lose all respect for Cap. Countless innocent people are dead because of Magneto and if Cap willingly chose to look the other way on that then he's almost just as bad.

I don't see how Mageneto is any more of a terrorist than Namor. Namor attacked New York early in the FF didn't he? How is an unprovocked attack on a civilian population any less of a terrorist attack? Sounds awfully like WTC. If Namor can be rehabilitated so can Magneto. In fact, most Avengers have histories that they would probably retract if they could.