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The Guardians of the Galaxy having full status was confirmed in New Warriors #1, when the security system recognized Justice as the Guardians' Vance Astro. They had to be given full membership to avoid Gyrich freaking out... not that they ever used it.

Two-Gun's official Avengers status has been explained as a way to give him some sort of legal standing in the 20th Century. Either way, he's an Avenger officially and fully... and at SOME point, he will serve an active term as one, according to his personal timeline.

Hellcat's status is something of a nightmare... Englehart intentionally had her NOT join at the end of his run, but she's definitely a member by #305. Most accounts just say "Screw it" and call her joining in the 140s. I do too, to be honest.

Marinna has as much right to call herself an Avenger as anyone, and is certainly given SOME status during her time with the team. The Avengers seem to see her as being one of them, and she's in the Handbook.

Rita DeMara as Yellowjacket is a WEIRD case. She definitely is recruited for a temporary line-up by Cap, making her as much of an Avenger as D-Man, but doesn't stick around... but by the time she joins up with the GOTG in the future, she seems to view herself as an Avenger. Furthermore, she also references some relationship with Hank Pym that has yet to take place on panel in some of the GOTG backups. I call her a member, but the arguement works both ways.

Englehart swears he never had the Thing join, but that's blatantly contradicted by what he actually wrote and was published. Either way, he's a member by #305. Same for Firebird, who has reverted to that codename.

Rage angrily reminds people he IS an Avenger in the Initiative title, and nobody argues. Good enough for me.

Machine Man has actually managed to participate in 4 or 5 Avengers cases, was officially removed from the roster after he attempted to murder Justice and Firestar due to some Sentinel programming, and has been re-recruited since. He's a member.

Note that the entirety of the Young Avengers and Avengers Academy kids are given official Avengers status on-panel. So they count, whether we like it or not. Personally? I'm torn.

The Handbook treats Agent 13 as an Avenger. I hate this more than words can say. The same book ignores that the Prince of Orphans joins on-panel and officially. I hate this even MORE than the other.

Daredevil officially joined in New Avengers near the end, around the same time as Storm. I'll note that while he did nothing of value in the actual title, he made the most of his membership in his own book, like Thunderstrike before him. Either way, he's official.

Captain Mar-Vell is officially inducted into the Avengers as of his death. I count him as a real member, solely because he's on the roster in three of the Avengers greatest stories. (Kree-Skrull War, Thanos War, and Korvac Saga.)


I agree with a lot of what you say. But the Guardians were listed as honorary. Supposedly so they could use the Avengers computer system, but I would have thought 30 th century far superior and easily hackable. Martinez even had an Avengers ID card which he showed Spiderman.

Marrina, was listed as honorary even though Monica called her an Avenger.

Young Avengers far as I was concerned were given membership by Bendis but seemed they forgotten when it came to Children's Crusade.

Hellcat she was given reserve status.

Machine Man I would say had reserve status.

I would say the Dark Avengers were considered members, but had it stripped from their actions.

Rita only showed up because of the ringing in her head. Though she did apply for membership she never stayed for the interview.

If Agent 13 is an Avenger would you consider Maria Hill? She led the team for 17 issues. Now she acts like she never spent any time with them.

Prince of Orphans is an interesting case. Seemed he had status, helped on a couple of cases.

Mar-Vell, I would thought he had membership. Beast referred to him as part of the membership in Avengers #182.

Mr. Bojo

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