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Subj: Re: The riddle of Kazantra...Thanos's other mother
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    The early Thanos stories are pretty inconsistent; essentially, Starlin was an artist who wanted work as a writer, and Friedrich let him co-plot all sorts of stuff in whatever books were available. Additionally, Steve Engelhart and Steve Gerber wrote tie-ins to the Friedrich/Starlin Captain Marvel stories, with Engelhart taking a particular interest in developing Moondragon.

    As a result, you get all sorts of weird inconsistencies. One early flashback to Moondragon's childhood shows child-Thanos there, which contradicts everything since. Thanos's first appearance shows that all the "Titans" are purple-skinned.

    There're also a few things that were changed or quietly ignored later on. The big one is that the Titans, under Starlin, were clearly meant to be *the* Titans of Greek myth, not Eternals in exile. But a few others are striking as well. In the 1970s stories, Thanos's power seems concentrated in his eyebeams, probably a legacy of his beginnings as a mashup of Darkseid and Metron of Kirby's New Gods series. The Blood Brothers' symbiotic link is nowhere in evidence in Starlin's stories; it seems to have been invented by Jim Shooter and Archie Goodwin in a story in Iron Man. (Starlin's idea was that they were blood-drinkers.)

    One of the odder elements is that Starlin starts the whole shebang with the idea that the Destroyer, later Drax the Destroyer, is Thanos's archfoe and a huge threat to him. However, as the original Thanos series goes on, Drax becomes kind of a minor annoyance at best, a guy who accomplishes essentially nothing at all and is routinely outwitted or just plain beaten up by Thanos. This may explain why Starlin resurrected Drax as comic relief in the 1990s. Clearly, his plans for his space epic changed as soon as he could use characters like Mar-Vell and Adam Warlock.

    All of this leaves lots of room for wacky speculation, but some of it will still point to plain inconsistencies in the planning and execution of the stories.

Very interesting. Thanks for the input.

I always wondered why Eros ended up as such an ineffectual character in Starlin's stories. The whole Eros/Thanos naming scheme is a big Freud reference to the opposition of the sex drive and the death drive. In theory, Eros is a balance for Thanos. I wonder if Starlin just couldn't make a swinger superhero work, or what?

Speaking of Eros, his whole "love power" is another post-Starlin idea. Starlin just showed Eros as a happy-go-lucky/happily-get-lucky type with some generic super-strength. Also, Mentor seems like kind of a crappy father, doesn't he? One of his sons turns out to be a genocidal or omnicidal maniac, the other is a hedonistic slacker with the world's creepiest super-power.

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