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Subj: Re: The riddle of Kazantra...Thanos's other mother
Posted: Thu Feb 20, 2014 at 03:23:32 pm EST (Viewed 14 times)
Reply Subj: Re: The riddle of Kazantra...Thanos's other mother
Posted: Thu Feb 20, 2014 at 02:28:34 pm EST (Viewed 197 times)

    Right, but when Starlin first created these guys, they were intended as offshoots of the Greek gods with (potentially) a variety of powers linked to the concepts they represented. Instead, Thanos is a self-made cosmic tank and Mentor can toss around a few power bolts. Kirby hadn't even created the Eternals at the original time of publication, and the Titans weren't named as Eternals until somewhere in the 1980s. I can't recall if this was Roy Thomas in Thor or Roger Stern in Avengers, or someone else entirely, who cemented the notion that the Titans were Earth Eternal offshoots. And then there's the Uranian Eternals who are tied up with Quasar and 1950s Marvel Boy and have been retconned two or three times over, too.

    In continuity terms, it's interesting that Mentor has some form of the Eternal energy powers, but his children with Sui-San (or Kazantra?) are, in different ways, way off-model for Eternal powers. Thanos is a mutant Eternal, which isn't supposed to be possible -- Eternals are perfectly genetically stable in contrast to the radically genetically unstable Deviants -- and Eros lacks the energy powers and instead has only a very specific psionic ability plus the standard flying brick talents.

I think the most logical explanation that can explain Thanos having the Deviant syndrome is Sui San must be descended from some strain of Deviant.

Which means someone in Uranos's group was descended from Deviants. My totally unsupportable guess is that Sui San is the daughter of Uranos and his follower Shastra and Shastra was a Skrull infiltrator. Granted that means Mentor slept with his cousin but like you say he was originally presented as a titan and the titans of myth were way more incesty and took their siblings as spouses.

Another thing is I get Starlin was trying to say the Titans were the Titans of Greek Myth...but clearly the ones we've seen don't match any known titans except Kronos. Uranos in Greek mythology wasn't a Titan....he slept with his mother Gaea and was their progenitor but he wasn't an actual Titan. Eros wasn't a titan he was the son of Aphrodite (so he was like a great-grandchild of the titans). Thanatos was a son of primordial darkness deities Nyx and Erebus. I have no clue who Mentor is supposed to represent in the analogy.

    Many years ago (like 10+), there was a MASSIVE thread on this board where we looked at the sprawling, weird, and mysterious continuity connections between the Celestial Madonna stuff, the Eternals/Celestials/Deviants of many worlds, Starlin's Thanos sagas, and some other cosmic hoo-ha. It's surprising how many things pull together. As I recall, we ended up thinking the Cotati were up to something. That's long since vanished, so there's no reason not to try it all again here, especially now that newer and stranger things have happened with some of those properties….

I vaguely remember that thread and enjoyed it as I had not read the vast stuff that interlinked them. Now I'm kind of caught up through where they stood as of the 90's but any subsequent retcons I'm lost on.

It would be a worthy topic to discuss.

There are a lot of threads to that tapestry:

1. Earth's humans/Eternals/Deviants. The paradigm goes that the Celestials gave humans the potential for mutancy, gave the eternals stable forms and the Deviants are supposed to mutate wildly from offspring to offspring.

2. The Skrull Deviants, the normals and their Eternals as well as the Deviant offshot the Dire Wraiths, and the fact that the Skrull Deviants are still able to have mutants which should be a trait of the slaughtered Normals. (Not so much implying the Normals aside from Prime Skrull survived but rather their descendents have intermingled with Skrull Deviants)

3. The Kree normals both the original blue and the pink Kree that come from a result of them breeding with other races, the kree Eternals, the lack of known Kree Deviants and the Cotati who also evolved on Hala but presumably evolved independent of Celestial interference.

4. The Titan Eternals and the Uranian Eternals and their connection to the Kree and the Kree's creation of the Inhumans from Arlok's corpse...one confusing issue about the Uranian Eternals...Uranos didn't found the Uranian Eternals. He founded the ORIGINAL settlement of Eternals on Titan that was later wiped out in a civil war. Mentor just repopulated Titan with Sui San. Astron founded the Uranian Eternals after Uranos left him and three other followers on Uranus. And honestly I was never quite clear where the protected domes came from on Titan and Uranus and whether that was created by the Kree, the true Uranian aliens or another party.

5. The Earth Eternals and their similarities to the Greek Gods. I believe when the Eternals were reintroduced in Thor after the original Kirby series the Asgardians and the Olympians had never heard of the Eternals and were legitimately shocked to learn of their existence.

6. Are the Cotati connected to the H'ylthri? (simple answer...all signs point to no)

7. The moon where the Skrulls created a blue area of oxygen, the Cotati created a park, and the Kree created a city which the Inhumans parked their own city right next to for a time in the modern age. I'm not sure if Uatu built his citadel there or if just lives in the Kree city that the Kree built in their contest with the Cotati to join the Skrulls trading consortium. I don't think the Cotati garden is still there but I think the Elder of the universe the Gardener resurrected plants on the moon when he had the time gem...I can't remember if Mantlo even knew about the Cotati park on the moon but it makes some sense Gardner would be able to resurrect plant life there.

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