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Subj: Re: PPtSS you say?
Posted: Thu Feb 27, 2014 at 10:17:09 am EST (Viewed 225 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Mighty Avengers #7: PBP...
Posted: Thu Feb 27, 2014 at 09:25:16 am EST (Viewed 256 times)

> Ava is Hector's sister, and we know Nestor and Maria are long dead, and Gideon Mace almost killed Hector before he retied (way back in Spectacular Spider-Man v1 #51-52).
Oooh SHE was in too? Thanks for that. Will keep'n eye out for that arc when time/money permits.

> They're just communicators, right? Fancy walkie-talkies. I wouldn't call it hijacking, and it doesn't require any tech skill.
Still, it seems that it would be a group connection that others should have heard simultaneously.

> And we've got another White Tiger with mind-control issues...
Indeed. It looks like Ava is having more success at regaining some control than Peter is with SpOck.

> Get #49-51 too. That's the whole story.

> If I had to guess it's a reference to Nextwave. Other than that, she's been very vehemently anti-killing.
Noooo. Say it ain't so. Still: on the other hand, confirming that maxi is 616 or not should be done in-story w/some title by now. [Sidebar: It would be very informative to find out if she killed Skrulls during S.I. too.]

> Krask. Yes. We've met Kevin and Kenneth before. Old Thunderstrike foes, and now members of the Hellfire Club (but not Inner Circle).
Did not know that. Thanks again! Revisiting characters like this makes me like this ish one notch more... but then minus a notch for the storytellers not telling me that.

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