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Secret Avengers 016

Sooo, they tried for a lesser copy of the cool cover concept to DD 212. However, it should have been MODOK and not Forson to really impress me.

Sooo, THAaaaT's what happened last issue. Thank goodness for the detailed PrePage - your mileage may vary in understanding if you read the actual previous story.

Sooo, opertaion/application of an Image Inducer (Camo-tech?) now seeeems even easier peasier than slapping a walkman on - someone else! Although, the misinformation given to readers and Avengers is... understandable to have tried for the shock death effect, last issue, hating more this precident and plot device as presented. [BTW, on what page last issue do you think the switch began?]

Sooo, Forson may have been stunned or wounded by bullet fire -possibly from selective sharpshooter NickFuyJr- after his sniper was marvelously shot dead thru the riflescope. One of them during the gunbattle go some incoming call from someone on a pathetically/apparently un-Advanced/cheap cellphone, that probably laid down on the ground earlier, in wait, by one or the other. Sooo, Forson may have loved Yelena.


Sooo, Bobbi's big speech to as how she is alive is totally ruined by the PrevPage SPOILERS anyways. Her Hitler's last hour comparison to Forson came across as a traumatized stretch more than the possibly intended keen observation. And it looks like this series wrap-up will unfairly NOT give up how much of her newly revealed past with him is true or mindmessing.

Sooo, Mockingbird is more messed up a character than ever now. Just say ONEIRIC or REVERIE around her and see what happens. This supersoldier serummed superheroine can't even take Forson in spite of her selectively sluggish stupored state. She CAN throw him from a catwalk, then faint suddenly below it on the ground, then get back up suddenly back on the catwalk to shamble off - without checking on him.

Sooo, Taskmaster ain't dead afterall. Just a comatose vegetable - it was either an intentional shot or more reader misinformation. Mentallo continues to praise or pine for him as he sits on the beach as his form of getaway. His comparison of their bond to circles came across as babbling than the possibly intended keen observation. And of course, no nanobot plotline exposition again - other those black techno-tears dripping from his ears mean anything to other readers.

Sooo, MODOK tries to bring the humor again. Tries. At least Hill does a decent job at not playing the straight man. Are we to expect him in the new series to be the mental organism designed only for komedy? Better or worse than during Dark Reign 1?

Sooo, Hawkeye and Iron Patriot quit. [And yet isn't that Clint on the new #1 cover?] Hill wishes them bon voyage with the trigger word to mindwipe them. [And yet are we supposed to believe NickFuryJr were given earplugs?]

Sooo, Mockingbird got away. For some reason, besides another upcoming proposed comic series, she goes to hook up with Bucky and Quake, along with her WCA status dangler. At this point, readers may or may not concur/infer how spot on Mr Bojo's observation is that:
> After the Secret Avengers storyline Hawkeye, Black Widow, Hulk and War Machine might believe Mockingbird is dead.
But whether true or not it also can be chalked up to misinformation at this time.

Sooo, the series is over [Thank Uatu] - only to start up doing the same again [Darn it]. SHIELD and MODOK have an uneasy alliance if he flips on all of AIM - meanwhile the entire Avengers organization is desperately trying unaided by SHIELD to bring down all the AIM bases that they have on radar. And officially AIM is still an island nation that the whole U.N. accept unconditionally. BAH.

Sooo, did you like it more or less?


I miss Dad and Dan.

Taskmaster was presumed dead? He's not, is he? What villains have been in this? I read that Superia (From Captain America.) has been in this. Bendis apparently resurrected her as head of Hydra or something during his Avengers run. I actually wouldn't mind Mockingbird being dead. Was Nick Fury Jr in this one? The black one, I mean.

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