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      The idea that the Skrulls took both the Kree and the Cotati to Earth's Moon seems to have originated with the EARTH X miniseries and spread to various wikis. In the original Avengers story, each group was taken to their own moon and left there for one year.

    Yes and no. The Skrulls specifically chose Earth's Moon for the Kree (it says this explicitly). But the Cotati had another moon ("each race to a different uninhabited planetoid") in an undisclosed location was not their own moon. It was not their own moon.

    But correct, the Cotati were never on Earth's Moon. I think I would rather assume that either the Skrulls "terra"-forming and/or the Kree's cultivation resulted in something for the Gardener to grow on the Moon.

Just to be clear, I used the term "their own moon" to refer to BOTH of the uninhabited planetoids which the Skrulls had chosen for the two competing groups to use. Thus, Earth's Moon was "their own moon" for the Kree for the duration of the contest just as the other unnamed planetoid was "their own moon" for the Cotati for that time period.

When you think about it, the only moons that could truly be "theirs" would be those which orbited their homeworld, and now that I think about it I don't recall ever having read any mention of Hala having any such natural satellites.