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I don't really like negative posts on here, but who am I going to share my thoughts with if not you guys?


Hickman got off to a very strong start with some of the best Avengers issues ever (for my money), yet 'Prelude to Infinity' (clever title) set the recent tone and it has been one of over-complication and lack of content. The fun part of this book was trying to figure out what the diagram meant, etc, why was Hawkeye linked with Manifold, why were the two poles left empty - but now it seems that was all random. Feel a little suckered.

New Avengers:

Another very strong start with a genuinely intriguing idea, and yet: since Infinity's ugly issues we seem to be going down the dullest spiral of never ending ground-hog plottery, with one version of the Illuminati after another getting... well, who knows what is happening to those guys or why we should care?

Avengers World:

See the Avengers against landscapes you never thought you would? OK, but there are serious pacing issues with this. We have a whole issue of Shang Chi getting hit by Gorgon and then a whole issue of Starburst having his shirt pulled by zombies. No one needs this book in their life and unless Marvel finds some content to put in it, I can't see anyone buying it for long.

AI, Assemble, Secret, Uncanny - gave them all a few issues to wow me, but none of them did in the slightest. Can't really talk about them: didn't pick them up, didn't miss them.

Arena and Mighty are probably the consistent best right now. Arena is a mixed bag with some characters I love and some I just don't care about. Mighty started very poorly in my opinion, but recent issues have been stronger.

High hopes for a continuation of Fraction's good work on Hawkeye and possibly some off-beat treats coming out of the Ms Marvel, She Hulk and Moon Knight books.

That's where I am, anyhow.

I have grown frustrated as well with the Avengers franchise. Maybe its because I'm 46 years old and remember when there was only one team for the longest team until the 80s when they introduced the West Coast Avengers.

I enjoyed fact there was an assigned group of seven members with reserves as needed. But now it seems like everyone is an Avenger, loses a bit of the luster.

I know its all about the bottom line and money, so I have to grow with times but having 7 or 8 Avengers titles has caused me to drop the Avengers