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Subj: Re: Posted movie set pics of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver
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Excited yet?

Under a decade ago, these two being in a movie, or there even being such a thing as Avengers movies, seemed so implausible, that it's still kind of hard to believe this is happening, (let alone that this summer's big Marvel movie is going to star Rocket Raccoon and Groot), and that's all kinds of awesome (and I'm still holding out hope that we'll finally get official confirmation that Vision is in this movie, and Egghead will be the villain for Ant-Man).

That said, all the photos of Pietro that have surfaced online all make him look, well, goofy. I suppose we can look at the version of him from X-Men 5: A New Beginning, and say "well, it could be a lot worse", but it could be a lot better too. And neither movie is giving Quicksilver his hair-horns. Shame on them both.

As for Wanda, that look, and the constant talk of her being "crazy" and having "so much wrong with her" makes it look like, of all things, they're looking to the X-Men Evolution version of the character, which, at the time, was an "in name only" version of her, defined by "out-of-control powers/madness/daddy-issues", yet somehow went on to define her in-comics portrayal for years.

I at least hope they do get proper costumes over the course of the movie. That said, a sick, twisted part of me will be very amused if Ultron is really going to be wearing that jacket we've seen his stuntman in.