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Reply Subj: Re: Do you think these guys will ever be Avengers again. And if not, why?
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I think it would be unlikely in most of their cases, primarily because there is a general lack of potential and interest in those characters, but with the kind of ensamble cast we currently see in Avengers, who knows?

Black Knight is mainly seen as a British based hero now (there are rumours he may be getting a solo series)

Starfox is unlikely to ever get over his 'rapey' history.

I think Sersi, Quasar and Crystal have pretty cool power-sets, however they are generally seen as heroes somewhere other than in the Avengers (I expect Crystal to get a bump with the Inhumans enjoying a bit more exposure at the moment).

Isnt Moondragon dead? Sure I recall her dying in Abnetts Guardians of the Galaxy. Either way, shes seen more as a cosmic hero than an Avenger now.

Mantis and Hellcat I never really rated, neither enjoyed much pedigree as Avengers and both have had very little exposure elsewhere, so I dont expect that to change.

I feel like Black Knight is pretty much beyond use. The character was a very good Avenger then changed completely and was once again a very good but different avenger. He has changed again, appeared as an also ran avenger. I don't see Dane surviving another change to become a good avenger again. This century, a guy with a sword just doesn't make sense - and that was what worked before. The sword, shield horse thing is just silly.

Then there is Starfox. I was campaigning a long time ago that he could be the best avenger. He could be cooler than Xman, but sort of similar, and have an understated angelic appeal. Since then, the bendis spider woman has shown the pleasure centre power potential. I guess Starfox isn't different enough for a comeback. I am so mad about the hideous decision to make him seem like he forced his attentions on anyone, even if it was taken back very quickly and happened in someone's mind or something. Avengers 250 dealt with that, so there was no need to ever bring it up again.

Mantis... Ah... a few months ago I would have said she should never appear in another book. She is just too dull, her origins read a bit racist (check out the issues dealing with her homeland) and the whole ghost plant husband thing... Really? And yet bendis writes her for two pages and I fall in love with her. I want her to have a series now based on just one appearance. Bendis does that to me sometimes.

Thanks whoever you are for giving me the chance to express all three of these long held thoughts in answer to one post.