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Subj: Some of them should, but it's unlikely any of them will.
Posted: Wed Apr 09, 2014 at 09:34:29 pm EDT (Viewed 384 times)
Reply Subj: Do you think these guys will ever be Avengers again. And if not, why?
Posted: Sun Apr 06, 2014 at 10:33:40 am EDT (Viewed 459 times)

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Black Knight

> Hellcat
> Moondragon

Let's be honest, they were both only on the team for about five minutes, and spent more time with the Defenders (and the Guardians of the Galaxy, in Moondragon's case). H*llcat doesn't do anything that 20 more popular Avengers can do, and we all know what Moondragon did to Thor. As such, they're unlikely to be on many writers' lists for people to bring back.

> Starfox

I think how we perceive Starfox depends on how old we were when we first saw him? If we were first introduced to him in the 1970s or 1980s, and were still young ourselves, we may well think of him as harmless fun. If we discovered him later, or were older ourselves, we're more likely to think of him as having ginger Quicksilver-hair and creepy seduction powers we don't want to be reading about (see also; Spider-Woman 1's pheromone power, Longshot and Gambit's 'charm' powers), and then that She-Hulk storyline around the time of Civil War went and actually said it. As such, I'd be surprised to ever see him back in the Avengers in a big way again. I'm kind of surprised no Big Thanos Story ever went and had Thanos kill his brother.

> Mantis
> Quasar

Both are possible, but they've moved from the Avengers to the cosmic books, and are more likely to show up there. If Hickman can be doing Big Epic-Scale Cosmic Avengers stories with a massive team, and yet not reach into the team's roster and find these guys, there may not be that much hope for them to come back.

> Sersi
> Black Knight
> Crystal

Now here are the real tragedies, all of them put in a big long stint on the team, more than one in Dane's case, and were almost there in terms of making it, if not as part of the 'core cast', then at least being as well-established an Avenger, and as hard to permanently get rid of, as 2nd/3rd-tier Avengers like of Tigra/Wonder Man/Hercules who keep on coming back because Marvel keeps hiring writers who love them. But what happened instead? Dane and Sersi's story was brought to an end in 1994, and although the came back to the Marvel Universe about 3 years later, they never really came back to the Avengers for more than the occasional guest-appearance. Dane in particular really was the face of the early 1990s team, and it feels like he never came back maybe because of the backlash against that era?

As for Crystal, she stuck around right to the end of vol.1, had powers that were both different and useful, and was an important part of the family group within the team, so what happened? The book relaunched twice, the characters fell into the hands of people who didn't think she should be an Avenger, and that her family group should all fall apart, and so she never came back, and instead suffered years and years of bad writing.

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