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Subj: Re: Mighty Avengers #9: Slipping and sliding on the timescale...
Posted: Thu Apr 10, 2014 at 08:11:46 am EDT (Viewed 260 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Mighty Avengers #9: Slipping and sliding on the timescale...
Posted: Thu Apr 10, 2014 at 07:21:19 am EDT (Viewed 291 times)

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    This was alright. It was interesting how they tweaked Blue Marvel's being already tweaked into the Marvel sliding timeline scale. Hopefully some AMB feedback will help me to processss all Adam's newly revealed family events/years and their related impact added to MU canon.

    1970 Blue Marvel 'is gone' but Adam's love for his wife and new son grows
    1972 Deathwalkers
    1983 Technocracy
    1991 Discovery of longevity side-effects.
    1993 Atomic Skeletons
    1997 Doktor Skorpion
    1999 Millennium Bug... HA!

I don't think any of it has much, if any, impact, because by current standards, Fantastic Four #1 happened in 2000 (and maybe later). Deathwalkers are, of course, the villains being setup in this series.

    At some point:
    Dr.Brashear discovers the NEUTRAL ZONE and then later NEUTRONIUM. It was either before or after (or because of this that he met Uatu. What relative years to YOU place these 3 discoveries at?

    And then:
    2000 to 2001-ish The (concerned) implication that FF#50 (Galactus' arrival 1966) has been chosen as the BEGINNING OF THE AGE OF MARVELS and not FF#1 (FF space launch 1961)! Thus, moving the MU616 to T-minus-14yrs. old (again) - not to mention deaging Franklin but not so much other known superkids. However, it's pooosssible this hypertext just poorly placed on that page where Adam & Kev discover the ruins of Rama Tut long after FF#19 (years after 1963). This date can also be considered the origin date of Doctor Positron (aka Max). Apparently after this Event Adam must have clandestinely re-adopted his Blue Marvel identity. Feel free to correct any of this chronological speculation.

"Beginning" wasn't marking a specific point in time, just generally. FF #50 is just as "beginning of the Age of Marvels" as #1.

    The story then cuts back to the present for a very exciting and taumatic battle against Giant Kevin. Focusing and using Jen and Mon was done fun and nicely returned the feeling of this being a team book. The result make for interesting and evocative character development of Adam & Max as their relationship is slipping away.


    The Ronin prologue and epilogue did not play out a nicely. His cover unmasking was not as much a grabber on second thought because of the misleading/poor choice of witnesses who in fact were not even in the book.

It worked fine to me.

    Also, considering the SPOILER reveal, that has more or less been anticipated/hinted online for near 8 months now, lost much of it's impact.

Yeah, but still an effective revealing: "Say my name."

    Technically it wasn't even a 616 reveal because the NINJA WERE-SNAKES already knew so devoting 5 pages to this felt a bit indulgent. Plus, apparently tying the early timeline of this 'Ronin' so tightly to lycanthropes instead of vampires and in this issue of 'retcons' coincidentally came across more disorienting than intriguing. Still have high hopes for this plotline, though, and a nod to his connection to Pete Wisdom would be neat bonus.

Eh, Buffy the Vampire Slayer fought demons and other stuff, too, so Blade can, as well.

Thought the reveal of Ronin's id, was the worst kept secret, since we all knew who he was several months ago. Always thought the MU was about 12+ years. Avengers 1-20 being the first year, 20-60 the second year and 61-114/19 the third year .

I'm interested to see Avengers 1972 the next few issues and see how it affects the book afterwards.

IMOP Blade hasn't officially joined yet, but I think that will be made official in next few months.

I read the team is adding pr readmitting another member in the fall. I wonder if Luke will call Thing and will he bring Johnny along this time?

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