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Subj: Re: Well, comparitively, sure...
Posted: Fri Apr 11, 2014 at 04:51:31 pm EDT (Viewed 251 times)
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    Wait, so Bagalia is just a super villain shanty town? Why would anyone want to live there? You'd think they'd have some higher standards.


    Buy my mates an Energy Drink! Oh god, really? Really? They're supervillains and they worry about Underage Drinking? God, that is so lame.

Even supervillains really wouldn't want drunk superteens on their hands.

    Who WOULDN'T want to be on Whitney Frost's team?!

You kidding? She hooked up with The Hood and brought him home to daddy. It'll be a cold day in hell before she regains respect from that.

    Chase getting hit on by Grapplers members. May be painful dialogue above it aside, I approve of this.

    >chin stain
    >barely older than 19
    What's with those chicks?

One calls herself Lascivious. Do the math. \:\)
Lucky guy. Maybe.

    >doing the Stanky Legg
    >in 2014
    >Cammi knowing what the Stanky Legg is despite spending the past couple years in space, and prior to that, being from bumhick nowhere Alaska

I don't supposed it's too hard for people in Coot's Bluff, Alaska to tune into pop culture (it's still the 21st century there), and even if we assume she was only in space 2 years, she would have been around for the dance's beginning/creation.

    > Wait how old is Nico supposed to be.
    She started adventuring at 16, it's been about a year since then, so 17. At best, since Chase is still 19.

Chase was 17 in the beginning. He turned 18 in Runaways v2 #25-- big deal, because he was finally an adult and you can't trust adults. Right, Molly?

So, if he's 19, then Nico must be about 18.

    Stanky Legg: A dance that's like 5 years old so I don't know why Hopeless thought it would be a hip thing to reference in The Year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Fourteen.

Yeah. Better question: why do I even care.

    >wearing a spider-man shirt in Bagalia
    I just don't get this place at all

Wherever you go, there's bound to be an antiestablishment.

    There's multiple Hellstroms; That came from Bunn's Venom run.

That can be troublesome. This is something that should be permanently fixed and put to bed.

    Cammi still has her glow in the dark neck wrap - What, is it bolted to her skull or something?

Carol gave her scarf pointers. \:\)

    Her features bug me-. It's not about the butch look she just looks like a latina from the south not a white Alaskan. There's a huge difference.

Looks white to me.

    So wait, do people really not like Cammi's tats, or do they just not get them?

I'd be more in favour of 12-year-old comic characters smoking cigarettes than getting tattoos. \:\)

And yeah, Cammi should be about 12.

Hopefully, they're just fake tatts.

    God I miss Mettle.

*sigh* Yeah.

    Cammi was a pain in Annihilation though. I liked her, but she was annoying and useless as hell.

Mmm hmmmmm.

    Isn't the whole point of this that the Arena survivors are gonna be hanging out with supervillains. Does that mean that they automatically become super-villains as a result?

Nah. I don't go for that guilt by association thing.

    I'm still hoping that Cammi,s mom is an LMD or a Skrull.
    Either one would actually work well.
    Shield/Sword wants to keep an eye on her, but her mom is dead, so they just make her a robot. Or the Skrulls are pissed at her for being a pirate, and want to grab her for some space bounty that I'm sure is on her head.

Kinda cool idea.

    Marvel Wikia
    Marvel has their own wiki as well I think
    Is Marvunapp still around?

Between all of those, I think it would still be hard to run a search for Teens. People who update these sites should think about this as a search category/tag.

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