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    There is no way that Hank was an Avenger three days longer than Cap. I would think from Avengers #1, 1.5, and #2 it was about a month. Plus a month before they found Cap

I'd be surprised if comics back then bothered much acknowledging that time has passed. Some of those time gaps could have easily been one day or a month. But given how much chaos has been involved in his live these years/decades, the none-superhero moments probably get forgotten often. 3 days probably mean 3 issues to us, not guessing what it really meant.

    and I think few weeks getting him acclimated to society off panel, it was few months before he joined the team

I thought he was invited to join right after he saved the team when they were attacked after bringing him back to New York.

Throughout the 60s, Marvel comics generally elapsed in realtime (there was some fudging). One year of books, even if books were bimonthly, meant approximately one year of time. This is why, when you follow Fantastic Four, Johnny progressed as would kids on your favourite family TV show (every season, they graduate to the next school grade level, etc.). The same happened in Spider-Man, and the X-Men celebrated their 1st year anniversary as students with a party in X-Men v1 #4. This began to change around the time Franklin was born.

Captions in Avengers #3 state that it's been at least a month since #2. This was the members' next (or second) "monthly" meeting since Hulk ran away. Yup, they went a whole month between get-togethers.

Of course, all of this gets thrown out as the timeline slides. One month then could be days now.

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