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I think marvel should name a 100th avenger. I believe moon knight was number 30. That was a good marker - even if it was 31 or 33. I can't think of a better 100th avenger. Blue marvel has had a rough ride and a really big origin story, plus is pretty awesome power wise. If Spider-Man could join now that would be different. If there were plans for the Silver Surfer then that would also be a big thing. Human torch? I don't know.

So could blue marvel be the 100th. Here's who I think we have:

T I p w h c w
H q s s h b v
B b m m b h j
M f t s s w m
T n f d m m
D y r I g q s
U h s l m s s
S r c t s m d
J f t s j a l
C s s w e a c
C s v a I p s
R d s q c h s
C s m s n s b

These are the avengers I fully support, with blue marvel as number 91.this omits a handful of sort of avengers (two gun, Whizzer, flux) and a lot of avengers in training. Counting some of the spin offs - depending really on who makes it back into books- would get near the 100 mark I am sure.

Any thoughts?

Here's my count of the Avengers, counting the honorary members:

1. Thor
2. Iron Man
3. Ant-Man I/Giant-Man I/Goliath I/Yellowjacket I/Doctor Pym/Wasp II
4. Wasp
5. Hulk
6. Rick Jones
7. Captain America/Nomad I/The Captain/Steve Rogers
8. Hawkeye/Goliath II/Ronin II
9. Quicksilver
10. Scarlet Witch
11. Swordsman
12. Hercules
13. Black Panther
14. Vision
15. Black Knight
16. Captain Marvel I (Mar-Vell)
17. Black Widow
18. Mantis
19. Moondragon (she joined a few panels before Beast joined)
20. Beast
21. Hellcat
22. Two-Gun Kid
23. Whizzer
24. Wonder Man
25. Starhawk
26. Vance Astro/Major Victory
27. Nikki
28. Charlie-27
29. Martinex
30. Yondu
31. Aleta/Starhawk II
32. Ms. Marvel/Binary/Warbird/Captain Marvel IV
33. Falcon
34. Tigra
35. She-Hulk
36. Captain Marvel II/Photon/Pulsar/Spectrum
37. Eros
38. Mockingbird
39. Iron Man/War Machine II
40. Moira Brandon
41. Namor the Sub-Mariner
42. Thing
43. Firebird
44. Doctor Druid
45. Moon Knight
46. Marrina
47. Yellowjacket II
48. Demolition Man
49. Gilgamesh/Forgotten One
50. Mister Fantastic
51. Invisible Woman
52. USAgent (formerly Captain America VI)
53. Quasar (formerly Marvel Man)
54. Human Torch I
55. Sersi
56. Spider-Man
57. Stingray
58. Rage
59. Sandman
60. Spider-Woman II/Arachne/Madame Web II
61. Living Lightning
62. Crystal
63. Thor II/Thunderstrike
64. Machine Man
65. Darkhawk
66. Swordsman II
67. Magdalene
68. Deathcry
69. Masque
70. Justice (formerly Marvel Boy III)
71. Firestar
72. Triathlon/3-D Man
73. Silverclaw
74. Jack of Hearts
75. Ant-Man II
76. Captain Britain III/Lionheart
77. Luke Cage (formerly Power Man II)
78. Wolverine
79. Sentry
80. Echo/Ronin I
81. Ares
82. Doctor Strange
83. Iron Fist
84. Jocasta
85. Stature
86. Vision 2.0
87. Captain America X/Winter Soldier (Bucky)
88. Spider-Woman
89. Flux
90. Valkyrie
91. Sharon Carter/Agent 13
92. Nova
93. Ant-Man III
94. Jewel/Power Woman
95. Marvel Boy IV/Protector
96. Red Hulk
97. Prince of Orphans
98. Shang-Chi
99. Daredevil
100. Storm
101. Quake
102. Captain Britain
103. Venom III/Flash Thompson
104. Havok
105. Cannonball
106. Sunspot
107. Manifold
108. Hyperion
109. Captain Universe (Tamara)
110. Smasher VI
111. Rogue
112. Sunfire
113. Ex Nihilo
114. Abyss
115. Starbrand
116. Nightmask
117. Blade/Ronin III
118. Blue Marvel
119. Power Man III
120. White Tiger IV

So, altogether, there are 120 Avengers, past and present. I just wish they can make an Avengers team for Europe. Here are my picks:

1. Peregrine (France)
2. Blitzkrieg (Germany) (I know he's dead, but he can be brought back)
3. Omerta (Italy)
4. Spiderman (Netherlands)
5. Belgian Brain (Belgium)
6. Lady Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
7. Captain Britain (United Kingdom)
8. Shamrock (Ireland)
9. Thumbelina (Denmark)
10. Hercules (Greece)
11. El Aguila (Spain)
12. Illuminata (Portugal)
13. Fortune (Austria) (she can be a descendant of Destiny)
14. Magma (Sweden)
15. Javelin II (Finland)
16. a new hero for Poland
17. a new hero for Hungary
18. a new hero for Czech Republic
19. a new hero for Slovakia
20. a new hero for Slovenia
21. a new hero for Estonia
22. a new hero for Latvia
23. a new hero for Lithuania
24. a new hero for Malta
25. a new hero for Cyprus
26. a new hero for Romania
27. a new hero for Bulgaria
28. a new hero for Croatia

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