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Subj: Re: What about the Avengers Academy students promoted to Avengers 3rd Grade?
Posted: Fri Apr 18, 2014 at 12:49:47 am EDT (Viewed 10 times)
Reply Subj: Re: What about the Avengers Academy students promoted to Avengers 3rd Grade?
Posted: Thu Apr 17, 2014 at 09:19:52 pm EDT (Viewed 351 times)

    I counted them in the beginning, but I think they were calling themselves Avengers, but no one had the authority to call themselves Avengers. Hank being a founder has the status to form a team. The argument could be made Luke Cage's team were not actual Avengers, but I think Commander Rogers considered them time served.

That's the way everyone but me seems to look at it. But for me, having three ex-Avengers on the team, calling yourselves Avengers, and behaving heroically should be enough to count. Justice isn't a founder obviously, but I believe he was one of the few characters with enough Avengers spirit for Cap to reach when Morgan Le Fey had taken control of reality with the Twilight Sword. And he wasn't even a member yet!

    I thought I read somewhere he met with them to see where they stood and felt as Avengers, and most of them were made reserves. I think that was applied to Justice, Tigra, Rage. I think Gauntlet might have been offered (off panel) but was not interested, he was an instructor, and he might have yelled Avengers Assemble, so there might be a cause there for argument. But Debrri resigned, I think Diamondback was offered a government job, Night Thrasher and Scarlet Spider and Slapstick were New Warriors, not sure about the girl Lizard (I forget her name) and Ultra Girl (her I would have liked to see stick around.)

I didn't know that Cap had met with them to discuss it. Interesting! I'd love to know what issue that was.

Of the Avengers Resistance characters who weren't already Avengers, Komodo and Diamondback are the two I would have liked to have stuck around. Ultra Girl too to a lesser extent.

    The same could be said for Captain America's Secret Avengers during the Civil War. That Included Young Avengers, Nighthawk, Cable, Human Torch, "Daredevil" Storm, Silouette, Arachne, Asp, Battlestar, Black Crow, Black Mamba, Cloak, Coldblood, Dagger, Gladiatrix, Goliath (Bill Foster), Lectronn, Lightbright, Living Mummy, Network, Night Nurse, Prodigy, Shroud, Solo, Timeslip, Typeface.

    Avengers featured: Cap, Black Panther, Falcon, Firebird, Hercules, Justice, Invisible Woman, Living Lightning, Spider Woman, Monica, Machine Man, Triathlon, Spiderman, Tigra, Spider Woman (Skrull), Stingray, Rage, Cage.

    I think the team was given the name by the press. But I think Bishop said in one issue "I thought we were the Avengers.

I remember Bishop saying that. At the time, Doc Samson certainly appeared to be functioning as an Avenger with the Pro-Registration side too. He helped them deal with a sidebar threat or two. And Sabra participated in that big last battle.

As for Cap's team during Civil War, I feel like it's been really crappy of him to rely on those guys when the chips were down and he was desperate, but then when he gets put in charge of the Avengers again, he loses their cell numbers.

For instance, when he was recruiting a teleporter early in the Hickman run, why go after Manifold instead of Cloak? (other than the convenient coincidence of how I believe Manifold is somehow related to the incursion storyline going on with the Illuminati. I'm not caught up with those issues quite yet)


    I always wished the writers and or editors clarified it for the characters during their time on the book(s). Captain Marvel II referred to Marrina as an Avenger when she pleaded her case to Doctor Druid.

The part that bugs me is the inconsistency in how the questionable membership statuses can be regarded. So when if/when things get clarified, they need to stick to the same formula for every situation.

If you need a founder being involved in the creation for a team to be legit, how is it that SHIELD can form the founder-less Secret Avengers? The Hulk does get involved later on, but it has always felt like his founder status at some point got handed to Cap.

Nick Fury's Black Ops team with Sabretooth and Kraven on it shouldn't even be in the conversation, yet there they are on Wikipedia. Not that Wikipedia counts for anything, but still.

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