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Subj: Hercules Clarrifaction
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Reply Subj: Re: Heroes reborn era question-the Avengers still on Earth 616
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> I can't find any info on it, but has anyone read the story that Black Widow tries to recruit Avengers still alive and on earth. (the heroes reborn people were considered dead)

> I know the last Avengers were her, Quicksilver and Hercules. Which other Avengers were alive and on Eartg at the time?

> I know only know of Beast, She-hulk, and Banner-less Hulk. Oh and Rhodey

I can't remember who she actually tried to recruit during that annual, (and there ended up being a whole debacle over which Earth She-Hulk was supposed to be on), but aside from Black Widow/Quicksilver/Hercules, the ones who were alive and on Earth at the time so far as I can remember were:

Green Hulk, Black Knight (returned to the present about mid-way through the Heroes Reborn era), Moondragon, Beast (busy with the X-Men), Tigra, Green She-Hulk, Photon, War Machine (lost his Warware armour shortly after Heroes Reborn started), Firebird, Moon Knight (resurrected during this time period), D-Man, US Agent, Jim Hammond Human Torch, Sersi (returned alongside Black Knight), Spider-Man, Stingray, Sandman, Rage, Machine Man, Living Lightning, Spider-Woman 2, Darkhawk, Swordsman 2, Magdalene, Masque. Force Works' Century and Moonraker were also both alive and on Earth, although the latter was in a coma.

Right before Onslaught and Heroes Reborn Herc left Earth with Deathcry. In what could have been both an interesting and yet creepy implied romantic pairing. So Herc was not present when the Heroes took Onslaught down and left 616. Herc hears while traveling about what happened and returns to earth. He at the time was stripped of his "Godhood" and Joined up with Heroes for Hire. Having an extreme amount of Survivors Guilt he became an Alcoholic. He also teamed up with Bannerless Hulk to make his father bring his friends back. It did not work but he did gain his Godhood back.

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