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Subj: Re: what do you think this people as avengers
Posted: Tue Apr 22, 2014 at 07:31:43 pm EDT (Viewed 298 times)
Reply Subj: what do you think this people as avengers
Posted: Mon Apr 21, 2014 at 06:04:12 pm EDT (Viewed 305 times)

    Red Hulk

Hate this character. Best as a Hulk villain. When he was revealed to be Ross, it felt to me like JJJ becoming the Juggernaut - just really really bizarre and out of character.


I associate him with the Defenders and the FF more than the Avengers or the X-Men.

    Agent Venom

Too unpredictable. Plus it's a symbiote. The Shi'ar treat symbiotes like a deadly bio-hazard. Earth really should as well.


I liked his redemption, but he'd be better as a solo hero than as an Avenger.

    Winter Soldier A.K.A Buckycap

Should be in the shadows. Secret Avengers or Thunderbolts, but never the prime team.

    Dr Strange

Reservist. And another I associate with the Defenders far more than the Avengers.

    Iron Fist

Didn't like his inclusion. It felt like a "me too!" when Luke became successful. Plus I never felt like his power set added anything.

    Luke Cage

Warming up to this guy. Never liked him in the Bendis era (aka Luke Cage & His Bantering Friends). But I really like him on Mighty right now.


Such a fun character. Loved him in Stern's Avengers in particular.

    Superior Spiderman

He was fun for awhile, but you'll never hear me say that Doc Ock deserves to be an Avenger.

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