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Subj: Re: Too many Avengers comics?
Posted: Sat Apr 26, 2014 at 05:13:00 pm EDT (Viewed 312 times)
Reply Subj: Too many Avengers comics?
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Is it just me, or are there a SHED LOAD of Avengers comics for sale?

Avengers AI
Young Avengers
Undercover Avengers
Secret Avengers
New Avengers
Uncanny Avengers
Avengers World
Avengers Assemble (this has ended I believe? maybe?)
Mighty Avengers (here ends the official list)*
Weak Avengers
Sweet N'Sour Avengers
Old Avengers
Big Avengers
Avenging Avengers
and Im out of hilarious made up titles now. \:\-P

Its impossible to keep up with them all its total overkill of the Avengers brand if you will. So basically which one of these is the Main Avengers title? If any.

To be honest, the only ones Im thinking to keep thus are:
Secret Avengers
and probably Uncanny,

But I wouldn't mind some advice on what to do, because I literally can't keep buying all those titles, its too much.

Personally, I think there are too many Avengers and X-Men comics and not enough diversity, but it's the market that determines what sticks around and what gets canceled and to their credit Marvel has made attempts to produce non-Avengers and X-Men titles (i.e. Defenders. Twice in the past several years.). If people aren't buying these titles and are more prone to purchase a comic with "Avengers" slapped on it, who can blame the editor in chief?