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Subj: Re: In defense of...scumbaggery?
Posted: Mon Apr 28, 2014 at 07:03:39 am EDT (Viewed 242 times)
Reply Subj: In defense of...scumbaggery?
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        Another thing that bugs me about this Peter Quill is his belief that J-Son is only a "conniving warlord" who has been "building a galactic empire of blood" and absolutely refuses to consider J-Son's claim that he's been at war to protect the galaxy by preventing Thanos or the Skrulls or the Badoon from being in charge. As much as I may admire Peter's idealistic desire that everybody in the galaxy should be free to do whatever they want, this sort of idealism strikes me as very dangerously naïve. As a long-time fan of the original GOTG, I am fully aware of just how dangerous the Badoon can (and will) be and if J-Son's "evil" activities are reducing their threat then I have no problem with him (as long as he stays away from Earth). In fact, one storyline that I would really like to see is Peter learning about the original Guardians' 31st Century future and finding out that the Badoon's rise to power started back when something happened to remove J-Son from the picture. Maybe it's just because of how much I dislike BMB's Star-Lord but I would REALLY like to read a story in which Peter Quill has to face the fact that J-Son was right all along.

      Eh, well, from what we've seen of J-Son, I'm think Peter has him pegged. J-Son's a scumbag, who showed his true colours during Infinity. He's out for himself and nothing else.

    I don't think that the situation with J-Son is quite as black-and-white as you and Peter are making it out to be. Sure, I agree that he definitely places a high priority on his own well-being but I also think that he is genuinely concerned about threats like the Skrulls and the Badoon and truly believes that he is the right person to deal with them. Maybe he has too high an opinion of his own importance and he's definitely a scumbag but, considering what he's up against, it may be that a scumbag is the type of person who is needed to combat these threats.

    As for J-Son's activities during the Infinity mess, what did he do that was so bad? Yes, he communicated with the Builders in an attempt to see what they wanted so that he could get it for them and stop their attacks. That's a reasonable course of action when fighting any enemy, especially one that so overpowers you. And yes, that communication enabled the Builders to trace the call, so to speak, and launch an attack on the galactic powers but a) that certainly wasn't J-Son's intention and b) the fact that the attack began only seconds after J-Son realized what was going on means that the Builders' forces were already in attack range and may well have found their targets anyway. And while the fact that J-Son was willing to sacrifice Earth to the Builders if it would have stopped the war certainly is not something that any true Earthling could support, are his actions so unlike what we humans would do? Suppose that it was a Terran who had contacted the Builders and they had identified Hala as their target. Are you seriously suggesting that the Terran wouldn't have even considered trying to do what J-Son tried? Sure, maybe if the Terran was Captain America that would be the case but what about anybody else? Remember, there are currently a bunch of "heroes" engaged in a covert mission to save Earth from incursions...by sacrificing other Earths in place of theirs. I'm sure that any of them would understand why J-Son acted as he did (even if they won't admit it).

Nothing about it was reasonable. He was basically willing to sellout a world just to stop the fighting.

    Finally, one thing that everybody should remember is that Earth actually IS a major threat.


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