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Subj: The threat that is Earth
Posted: Tue Apr 29, 2014 at 05:03:18 am EDT (Viewed 10 times)
Reply Subj: Re: In defense of...scumbaggery?
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        Finally, one thing that everybody should remember is that Earth actually IS a major threat.


    Or to be more accurate, it's a major threat to J-Son in the same sense that the Jews were a major threat to the Germans or the Armenians were a major threat to the Turks.

Wow, that is a massive overreaction. What evidence is there that J-Son is some sort of genocidal monster? I certainly haven't seen any. Maybe he is or maybe he isn't, we just don't know...yet. As for Peter's opinion, he is certainly biased by that MASSIVE chip he has on his shoulder. Not a reliable judge of character.

Anyway, I am not claiming that King J-Son is actually a "nice guy." He's the ruler of an interstellar empire in a universe populated with warlike races like the Kree, the Skrulls, the Shi'ar and the Badoon. If he was a good guy, then he would have been dead long ago and his empire ruled by his conquerors. However, I do happen to believe that his younger self (J'Son) actually was a fairly decent person...but I could be wrong about that. It all depends on what BMB decides to "reveal" about J-Son's life.

Also, the idea that Earth is somehow NOT a threat to the rest of the Marvel Universe is ridiculous. Their "heroes" make a habit of running around the cosmos righting "wrongs" and generally imposing their standards of morality wherever they see fit. If aliens came to Earth and did the same things, Humanity would be outraged and protest that they had no right to interfere with Earth's sovereign affairs.

And then there's the damage that humans have caused. First there's the irreversible, severe damage to the entire space-time continuum caused by the time travelling used to prevent the Age of Ultron from occurring. Yes, it was Thanos who made that accusation and he is an insane murderous monster but in this instance he was BMB's viewpoint character whose purpose was to impress upon we readers (via Peter Quill) just how badly Earth's heroes had screwed up.

Then there's this whole thing with the Builders. They attacked because they knew that Earth was responsible for the imminent destruction of their/our universe, and this claim was substantiated by the other-dimensional Builders who want to destroy ALL Earths in order to save the Multiverse. While the details haven't been revealed yet, it's pretty clear that writer Jonathan Hickman is going to eventually reveal that whatever Big Bad is behind this whole mess does in fact originate from some alternate Earth. So yes, someone from Earth is going to destroy the Marvel Multiverse. Deal with it.

Finally, if that's not enough for you, remember the Avengers Forever miniseries? The whole point was that the Time-Keepers considered humanity to be the single most dangerous race the universe has ever birthed and the most dangerous beast in the multiverse. Thanks to the emergence of the Destiny Force, humanity will spread to the stars and destroy all they meet, either deliberately (as the brutal Terran Empire) or as collateral damage of their very presence. As of Avengers Forever #10, almost 42% of existing timelines were thus damaged by humanity. That's billions upon billions upon billions of alien lives lost thanks to people from Earth. And that's not even counting all the lives lost thanks to Kang the Conqueror, with his interstellar empires in multiple timelines.

So, Earth isn't a threat? I absolutely DISagree with that opinion.

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