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Subj: Re: The threat that is Earth
Posted: Tue Apr 29, 2014 at 07:58:56 pm EDT (Viewed 7 times)
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    You realize that attempting to sellout the Earth puts him WAY above the genocidal figures of anyone that's ever lived in the real world, right? You don't need to be a demagogue to be guilty of genocide; a worm-tongue can be one too. He knew the Builders' plan. He offered to place Earth on their chopping block. Even if he couldn't deliver, he wanted to, and it's slimy.

Yes, I do realize that. However, I would point out that the situation with the Builders was a unique one, and there is no indication that genocide is something that King J-Son frequently (or, perhaps, ever) initiated previously. It's worth noting that, at the time J-Son made his offer, there was NO hope that the Builders could be stopped and so they were going to get to Earth anyway, whether J-Son helped them or not. Personally, I found the fact that the Avengers were able to "win" in this situation to be highly implausible, a real weak point of the storyline. Thor uses treachery to assassinate a Builder and suddenly all of these races who had surrendered (i.e. sold their freedom to the Builders in exchange for their lives) are inspired to rise up and overthrow their conquerors and, surprisingly, they succeed!

I should like to point out that this was an extremely over-the-top FICTIONAL situation in which J-Son found himself and, frankly, I can understand why he tried to do what he did. If a comparable situation happened in the real world, with an invading and seemingly-unstoppable alien armada approaching Earth and I happened to find out that their true target was a planet which I considered to be a threat to Humanity, then I might be willing to "sell out" that planet if it might save Earth. After all, isn't that what the "heroes" of the Illuminati have been doing in New Avengers for a while now, sacrificing other worlds to save their own? If it's "acceptable" for them, then how is J-Son "worse" for trying to do the same thing?

I guess the thing that I disagree with is how you're taking J-Son's decision in this one extreme situation and labelling him as genocidal, as though he were somehow worse than the other galactic rulers we've seen. After all, some of them order genocides almost routinely. The old Supreme Intelligence ordered over 100 worlds burned because he feared the results of his own weapons experiment and the reborn Supremor tried to do the same to Earth not that long ago. The Brood infest and/or eat every living sentient they can get their tentacles on. Annihilus is the Living Death that Walks. And the Brotherhood of Badoon will nearly wipe out Earth-691's population in the future.

All I'm saying is that, while J-Son is certainly, as you say, slimy, compared to these sweethearts he's "not that bad."