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Subj: Re: New Avengers #5: Arrrgh...
Posted: Thu Jan 21, 2016 at 07:58:16 am EST (Viewed 316 times)
Reply Subj: New Avengers #5: Arrrgh...
Posted: Wed Jan 20, 2016 at 05:41:04 pm EST (Viewed 561 times)

    "20XX"? Cool or "kewl" reimagining of calendar year counting? So what, no more Iron Man 2020 "reality"?

I don't get the XX. What? They don't know what year they're from? Have the feminists taken over the calendar system? Is it some kind of weird number system to show Arabic-European(Roman) solidarity? Redacted by A.R.M.O.R?

(yes, I'm being sarcastic)

    King Hulk (Teddy Altman),Marvel Woman (Marlene Brashear),Namorina (Dorma McKenzie),Collapsar (Manu Chauhan),Vision (Death),Iron Mariner (Jako Krangsen),Thor (Corpse),Captain America (Dani Cage) ,Madame Natasha?

    Collapsar? Meaningful name?

Collapse-AR... portmanteau of "collapsed star" or "collapsed quasar?" Riiight. I really want to name myself "collapse" anything. It really inspires fear in my enemies.

Namorina? What? Atlanteans lack any imagination whatsoever?
A aquatic armoured guy? And it's not Stingray-associated? BOOOOO!
Banner needs to sue Teddy for a name violation already. Stop calling yourself a Hulk! You're just a stupid Skrull hybrid.

But I kinda dig Marlene Brashear aka Marvel Woman.

    "Victor Shade" is a cool renaming of Vizh but why does wikia say it's "Death"?

Victor Shade is more of a return to his old (and best) name.

It's not "Death." That's Wikia's way of saying he dies in this issue. And he did.

    Now that we know what happened in SW9, with this ANAD multiverse set up will start generating more and more fan resistance? So, was Reed flinging the reality balls symbolic or stupid with hindsight? Did Franklin-Owen create reality copies at a fixed point in time or in their entirety (past,present&future)? Did they make the Avengers 20XX or did this team evolve - ie. do all the new copy-timelines support changing free will or predestined fixed fate?

Stupid in any sight, imo. Reality balls are fine, but their method of placement is just absurd. But yeah, the whole idea just makes everything seem like it's all style and no substance.

    "Trans-temporal team-up is a go"?! So, this future timeline team plans a teamup with a DIFFERENT past timeline team, OUR 616?. Or maybe you are gung ho with the designation Earth PRIME? Too many time travel tales already challenging story logic in the ANAD. Does your head hurt too?

No, my head doesn't hurt, but I do agree.

    Demiurge at full power can "REWRITE REALITY"?! Oh c'mon!! Now, your intentionally messing with our interpretation skills.


    "TIME FIREWALL CAGING OUR PRESENT"?! Care to guess what CapCage means by THAT one? Maybe referring to the DOOMLOCK mentioned Ultimates??

Maybe. I can dig this though. Maybe this can be inserted as the problem causing those stupid teen X-Men to be stuck, absolving Beast for not doing anything wrong, and once we know, we can fix it and send those brats home to the different reality they belong to.

    The F/X of Demiurge 'breaking reality' remind you of the breaking glass image of Age of Ultron?


    What song is Hawkeye singing?

LCD Soundsystem's "Losing My Edge"

    AIM is science goodies now. Ha. Unless a writer tropes out a splinter group like in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1 concurrently.

I'm gonna buyout Al Qaeda and ISIS and turn them into a restaurant chain and toy store. Weee.

    So, The Maker is head of W.H.I.S.P.E.R.? WHISPER that existed before the 1610 mishmash? The Maker recreated(ie.slice stacked?) after SW9 even though 1610 was not recreated? Maybe Franklin-Owen resurrected other Battleworld baddies for authentic and noble reasons? Argh. Y'killin' me here, Marvel.


That's OMNITRONICUS. A bit over the top. Why not simply Omnitron?

    Do we all agree all realities equall all different timelines?

They should be, imo, but these days there's a "Prime." That automatically suggests they are not equal.

    Vic and Ava break up? (They were full on dating?)

I. Don't. Care, really. \:\)

    Tweaking and tweaking and tweaking of Power Man's chi Power? Now, tech-enhanced? OMG, Marvel is totally messing up this guy.

The tech enhancement flies in the face of everything Chi is. Bad idea.

    An ANAD DaCosta Time Machine? [sarcasm]Great.[/sarcasm]

Well, AIM has had access to a time machine for a bit now. It's how they went from two-bit terrorist organization to public empire. And DeCosta's AIM created the technology that made things pop during Time Runs Out. DaCosta's AIM just might surpass Doom and Stark. But maybe not Parker. \:\) And definitely not T'Challa.

    Awwww look, Tippy Toe is helping with the hi-tech building. Is this cute or comedy? Cool or kewl... or plain dumb?

Not helping. What they don't tell you is that Tippy Toe is considering destroying the wiring of the building because she's a truly evil vermin demon monstrosity. Stinkin' rodents.


So glad I only Byrne-stole this issue.

City of Heroes is BACK!
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