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Subj: Re: Ten worst dressed Avengers of all time.
Posted: Sat Jan 23, 2016 at 03:47:06 pm EST (Viewed 277 times)
Reply Subj: Ten worst dressed Avengers of all time.
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Hmmm. I suspect that someone had a writers block with this listing and got desperate.

Within the context of the 1970s The Falcon's green suit was atypical of the era's sense of design and the limited color pallette available for use in printing, in truth I don't feel it was/is a bad suit, just of its time, like many many costumes of that era. Luke Cage's original costume is genuinely dated 70s excess, The Falcon's Green Suit though far less so...

The Avengers Jacket era... again of its time and following the lead set by the X-Men and Giffen and Bierbaums Legion series - it was cool and to a degree made some sense. Is it really that bad Newsarama...?

Thor's Mike Deodato look on the other hand... I really liked it at the time, the chain on the Hammer was an interesting addition, but boy yes, it was fashionable only for two minutes!

I can't agree with Movie Captain America as that was not comics. And to be frank it looks fine for that medium.

Gilgamesh - Fair comment. Not a pleasing look even at the time.

Iron Man... again fair enough.

Starfox's being poor I disagree with as with the simple Red/White design it was, and is, striking and easy to look at. A lot of costumes in the late 70s and early 80s used this same basic colour scheme and design... I did and still do like it.

Mutated Wasp I would agree with. Horrible to look at her. Interesting idea at the time to mutate her, but nothing was ever done with it.

Armoured Captain America is another valid choice for criticism too, an example as with Iron Man above, of how poor a lot of artists design sense was in the 90s.

I am surprised looking at that list, it misses out on some obvious and deserving targets - Wonderman's early WCA ghastly Green & Red skintight monstrosity being #1. One of the worst looks in comics even then in the brief mid 80s taste-is-dead phase of fashion.
Some other personal choices though include the following...

The Vision's beige look thanks to John Byrne - the irony is It actually makes sense. Logically a character like The Vision would be coloured for stealth and to fit the idea behind his name and powers.
In practise though it was dull visually and made him unmemorable. It also worked against his sense of character, he actually became as dull as he looked.

USAgent - In principle his look is not all that bad, just a little too basic and functional. The problem with it is as much the fact that John Walker was always wearing Steve Rogers cast offs, and this didn't do a lot for his individuality as unconciously the reader was always contrasting him with Steve Rogers' time in the suit and the hight standar he set - John Walker was never meant to be that character though, and why should he?

Goliath/Clint Barton - The Red and Blue suit. It was an odd sight to see that red half face-mask that ended on his shoulders and an apparently exposed chest with chest harness... strange. Hawkeye has had a few other poor suits however.

Black Widow's earliest 'fishnet' costume - apart from the obvious Black Canary inspirations she always looked like someone wearing fancy dress and had wandered into the pages of the book quite by accident.

Rage - Larry Hama's attempt to introduce an angry black man straight off the streets was dubious to begin with, clad him in a terrible ski-mask and sleeveless leathers and the impression was excruciating to look at and read.