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Posted: Wed Jan 27, 2016 at 08:42:13 am EST (Viewed 4 times)
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I've now had the chance to watch it several times. After the first watch, I country put my finger on it why I disliked it - definitely liked it much less tHan the first Avengers. Here are a few of the things that stock out to me right now:

- too much CGI. The hundreds and undress of Ultron robots looked fake and got boring after a while.
- the big bad. Like the voice work, but Ultron didn't bring about the menace I was hoping for.
- the evil plan. Let's raise a giant city and smash it down. Meh.
- Ultron's upgrade. To be honest I didn't even notice a difference. Doubt many did.
- Hawkeye's home life. Ok humanizing moment, but didn't like it and very awkward.
- Vision. Did not love the look.
- hated vision being able to lift Thor's hammer. Where did that come from?
- pet peeve of mine is when the Heros are the ones than bring about the Big Bad. If there weren't the Avengers, then no Ultron. Hate when the Heros are the ultimate cause. Si,liar to Superman and Kryptons looking for him on earth.
- the ridiculous amount destruction cause by the Avengers, especially Hulk vs Iron Man. Turned me off.

Wondering what others thought.

I've seen it only twice (once in theater and once in 3D at home). After the first viewing I didn't know what to think. They packed a ton into the movie and managed to keep the story coherent for the most part. I can say that I liked it much better on the second go around since I picked up on things I missed the first time.

I thought the Vision was a highlight of the entire film. Paul Bettany was a fantastic choice and he pretty much brought to life what I thought Vision might actually be like (voice, inflections, how he relates with others, etc.).

I appreciated that Cap got an action sequence pretty much to himself going toe-to-toe with Ultron. Okay, I admit I have a Cap bias but his fight sequence said to me that this is a Super Soldier. On the downside, I don't like him going into action without his mask/headpiece. It makes him look incomplete.

Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver were good. Just wish they hadn't killed Pietro. In my eyes, he had a lot of potential. My guess is that he'll possibly be resurrected in one of the "Infinity War" chapters.

I enjoyed the look at Hawkeye's home life. It brought warmth and humanity to both the character and the movie overall. What I saw in the scene where they were sitting around the dining room table trying to strategize was that they were simply people (no hero garb present) thrown into an impossible situation brainstorming to find the best solution. They were wearing their uncertainty on their sleeves which was good to see.

I understand why Whedon cut Cap off in mid "Avengers assemble!" at the end, but most Marvelites would relish hearing Steve say the entire line, declaring it with authority only the way Captain America can.

I'm looking forward to seeing it again, however I'm giving it a bit more time in order for it to remain fresh.