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Subj: Re: All-New, All-Different Avengers #5: Thumbs up beat thumbs down...
Posted: Thu Feb 11, 2016 at 08:14:27 am EST (Viewed 302 times)
Reply Subj: All-New, All-Different Avengers #5: Thumbs up beat thumbs down...
Posted: Wed Feb 10, 2016 at 01:46:16 pm EST (Viewed 465 times)

    \(no\) Why/where did he have this data put into this PC only to be destroyed instead of directly into him - even presuming it's from the future and in spite of the question if he is from the future too.

The data was being extracted from the PC.

    \(no\) It just struck me as... odd that Kamala would use her dream-mentor as the true identity of a ThorJane fanfic character. And does she know about the Sam/Carol thing?

Slashfic, even.

    \(no\) This time stamping from 4hrs ago to 2hrs ago to NOW read somewhat... jarring; what? she went to an A meeting then went underassembled to a Dreadbot threat then back to a followup meeting? It had me rereading to reprocess unnecessarily.

Nothing jarring about it, imo. It flows correctly (4 -> 2 -> 0).

    \(\?\) Remind me: What would be the distance from NYC to Jersey HQ?

We still haven't been given a location of the Jersey HQ/Hangar. But Kamala lives in Jersey City, not NYC. Jersey City is right across the Hudson from NYC. Miles lives in Brooklyn (I think-- he did in the Ultimate Universe).

    \(no\) "Revolving Door" use of Mad Thinker.

Revolving door?

    \(\?\) Tony gave Sam leadership role (to axe members)?

Sam didn't axe her.

    \(\?\) Remind me of any example where we have we seen Vizh holo-project from his solar gem before? Sidebar: Have we seen Vostok do same in past?

Can't recall specific examples, but I know I've seen him disguise himself (like the X-Men's old image inducer thing) and render himself invisible with holograms before.

    \(yes\) Very good Kamala/NovaSam scene. The flashback sequence was helpful but maybe a bit spacehoggy.

First time I'll say NINO was cool.

    \(no\) Soooo, was 'the rocket' Nova late for both meetings or just late from 4hours ago? Bah.

This is a problem. Kids shouldn't have this amount of free time to devote to an Avengers team.

    \(\?\) Maybe Sam is too hotheaded with reaction but the Red Alert did interrupt so maybe it was just impulsive reaction. We will know by end of arc to critique this 2nd firing. Still, it seems a minor infraction and poor leadership decision to make him ignore a Red Alert.

And um... Tony claiming Vision is incapable of deception ignores large chunks of Vision's history. He's betrayed the team what? 3 times? 4 times?

    \(no\) Piggybacking vision instead of Iron Man or ThorJane.


    \(no\) Vizh and CapSam arriving at same speen onto seen. Presumably they did not go by Quinjet.

No "presumably." We see that they did not. I guess Manhattan is too close to waste fuel too.

    \(\?\) Remind me is CapSam as fast as Undead Lasereyes Redwing?

Supposedly, Sam had trouble breathing at speeds over 140mph. But falcons can fly up to 200mph for short periods.

    \(no\) CapSam/IronMan chitchat about kissyfacing at Ground Zero of crisis.

Wasn't Ground Zero. It was en route to the crisis.

    \(yes\) Revisiting Equinox. NOT a "Revolving Door" appearance either because his 'future' comment brings a neat mystery.
    \(yes\) Messy choreography in the beginning with the reveal of multiple versions, portal movements, and why only one has a Cap Shield.

Yeah. I was briefly confused.

    \(yes\) \(yes\) Waitamminit - future mentioned, QENG pronunciation, that mystery Loki-looking vested mystery foe... IT IS KANG! Approriate 1st villain in hindsight!
    \(no\) Ugh. The chronology of Kang after the recent Inhuman arc/defeat is just a pain that must be dragged into this.

We seldom ever know the chronology of Kang.

And yeah... doesn't Qeng sound like Kang? How would you differentiate unless it's written.

    \(yes\) \(yes\) Jane Foster surprise.

Nice ending.

City of Heroes is BACK!
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