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Subj: Re: Squadron Supreme #4: Weird...
Posted: Thu Feb 18, 2016 at 09:18:06 am EST (Viewed 400 times)
Reply Subj: Squadron Supreme #4: Weird...
Posted: Wed Feb 17, 2016 at 05:43:22 pm EST (Viewed 430 times)

    Squadron Supreme 004

    What this issue gave in mediocre art it made up for with the opposite in surprising and strange introduced story elements and characters!

This is my kind of art, tbh. It's just normal, old-style line art with bright colours. On top of that, I think this has been the best portrayal of Weirdworld yet, but there are problems getting it to jibe with the other portrayals.

    Sooo, just being on Weirdworld it can become a deus ex magica "Kryptonite Environment"! Tough luck, Hype and Doc Spec. Hype probably still has a little left in him -probably TShirt Superman levels- 'cuz isn't he getting his own book? And Doc Spec will be back if the next issue cover is SPOILER and not bland poser image.

    Blur thought Warrior Woman was Power Princess? Did we know this? She was catalyst for that exposition. Nighthawk is bald? Did we know this? Otherwise her and Nighthawk pretty much job - on top of being outmatched.

We finally get the real story! All of this time we were told she was Power Princess of Earth-712, but she's not! She's Warrior Woman. This is why things didn't seem right. Weird that she would pass herself off as that Zarda.

Of course Nighthawk is bald. He's a black guy, after all. (joking, but only slightly) Anyway, readers of the Supreme Power series knew he was bald. There was a sort of funny scene where he ticked off Blur, and Blur stripped him naked and told him he could walk home like that.

    Thundra seeeemed not portrayed well. A really bad judge of character (picker of teams). Offputtingly uses the contraction "M'NOT DONE". She is retconned with having had marital troubles; she separated from Arkon (either before or after the time around they came out of comics limbo for JLAvengers). She either gives a glossed over version of her Femizon origins or her timeline was retweaked by Owen-Franklin.

Well, it was the Cliff's Notes version of her history. I see nothing that was wrong, but she certainly left out details. The reveal about her breakup with Arkon only answers a lot of questions that go back a decade or more, like why she has been living alone on Earth since at least Secret Invasion.

    How would you describe Tyndal in his previous Weirdworld appearances? Was he this headstrong and bumbling?

Headstrong, yes. I wouldn't say he bumbled here. He was just overpowered. He's a proficient fighter but not exceptional and has never been a Tolkien-style elf. He's undoubtedly in way over his head in this sort of story, but he's not one to back down.

    Modred and Arkon, along with Zarda, are incredibly thralls controlled by the shockingly revealed Avenger: *see above post*!!! His return is explained in-story and what is explained is incredible.

"Incredible" isn't the word I'd use. It's passable, I guess, and doesn't really explain anything. Soooo... can any dead person become "alive" in Weirdworld?

    Ogeode from the new (and fun) WEIRDWORLD Marvel Comic is share-connected to him which was the first time Marvel has done that with all this Weirdworld forcefeeding, AFAIK. Still don't think Black Knight or Extraordinary have been share-connected to WEIRDWORLD yet.

Perhaps why I found this to be the best Weirdworld yet.

So, anyone coming to Weirdworld becomes mind controlled by Druid with only a few exceptions? Hmm... someone should tell Dane, Cap, the X-Men, etc. etc.

    Crystar cast cameo. Prooobably no connection to Battleworld showings but good for fans of 70s-80s C-list titles. Speaking of which...

Lots of cameos.

    Talk about last page surprises: SKULL THE SLAYER!!!


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