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Subj: Re: Hercules #6: "YOU'RE AN AVENGER"...
Posted: Sun Apr 17, 2016 at 08:34:17 am EDT (Viewed 324 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Hercules #6: "YOU'RE AN AVENGER"...
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    Auguste Escoffier is an early-20th century French chef, kind of the king of modern French cuisine (arguable).


    It was kind of irritating to see the guy saying such things about Ragu. Clearly the guy knows nothing about anything and just likes to flatter people for no reason.

Heh. She probably doctored it up nice. \:\)

    ...mention of his Avengers status. That was not Tony...

Exactly. Misdirection. But it may also be a commonplace public acknowledgement that the Avengers membership structure endures (undetailed or in some ways) since Incursion. Or maybe the reference was 'in spirit' only. Or maybe it was generalization - as in INACTIVE status is interchangable with ACTIVE status in casual conversation. Like President Carter and President Bush are noted even though they are no longer in that office? If 'nothing changed' with the Owen-Franklin, do-over, Earth-copy after Secret Wars why isn't there more clear explanation why it appears ANADA and UA started the franchise anew 8 MONTHS LATER? Or maybe it was a subtle clue to Herc when "Iron Man" misspoke that put him on guard against subterfuge?

Isn't this scenario like talking about Dazzler as if she is still an Agent of SHIELD when obviously she would have left that... oh wait, bad example.

Support Cancer and Alzheimers Research.

I agree with getting rid of the land lady and the whole alcoholism aspects of this book, they are totally dragging it down. I also feel that Herc has been nearly totally rewritten as a character to disregard all of the great character work from the last 10 years or so.

Where's the fun from The Incredible Hercule's? The power and heroism from Sky Father Hercules and the Chaos War? I want that rogue demi-God that kneed Sentry in the junk with a broad smile on his face, who beat Thor in a drinking contest and still managed to trick the Chaos King into entering the Continuum universe. I didn't like the self hating Herc of Hero's for Hire 20 years ago and I like this one even less. This book keeps talking about him being a joke as far as the world is concerned and I just don't see it.

And let's be honest here, this books sales number stink, we three could possible be the only three buying this comic so shouldn't our opinion matter here?

And as a side note, what ever happen to Amadeus Cho being the new Prince of Power? I mean I know he's now the Hulk, but wasn't that the whole reason they depowered Herc and gave us the short lived "Herc" comic to begin with? I swear Marvel can't help but step on their own feet these days.