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Subj: Re: Hercules #6: "YOU'RE AN AVENGER"...
Posted: Mon Apr 18, 2016 at 08:40:26 am EDT (Viewed 287 times)
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I'd hardly say that he had 3000 years of greatness. Let's face it: This is a demi-god who became great because he was driven mad, killed his children and then had to complete 12 labours as a result.

Of course, it was originally supposed to be 10 labours but Eurystheus (who was, granted, Heracles' enemy) didn't accept 2 of the labours as acceptable.

The mythical accounts of his deeds (which, I believe, would be considered canon in the Marvel Universe) don't exactly show him to be a great hero... more like a proud, stubborn one.

So, I can't really agree with you. Does he fit in with the classic Marvel presentation? No. Have I enjoyed the book? Yes. I'm sorry that it looks like it will be cancelled because I've enjoyed this different presentation of Herc.

And, now that I think of it, wasn't it his stubbornness and drinking that led to the Masters of Evil being able to ambush him? So, this characterization isn't totally off.

Granted, I haven't read the Incredible Hercules book (I suspect I'd enjoy it) but I'm liking this book.

The Incredible Hercules is a must read. I think it will give you a better perspective on not only the heroism of Herc but why so many of us are disappointed by this current Hercules' tone. We've already seen him embrace his role in the new(est) century and do so in a fun, upbeat way. This self loathing, "I've been made into a joke" Herc just doesn't fit in with what was established throughout the Incredible Hercules and the Chaos War.