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Subj: Re: They should really do something about that
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    Even more reason for Deadpool to do what he did for her own good.

I'm for moral relativism as much as the next guy but we had no reason to believe from the story Al told that the guy (and his dogs) deserved to be murdered.

Deadpool WAS are a really bad guy, but It should be remembered that the story youre all talking about happens at the very beginning of Joe Kellys run on the initial ongoing series, Deadpool doesnt make any bones about what a bad guy he is, and the whole story was about him being on the road to redemption - a place which he has (mostly) reached.

It was a very good story, and as well as highlighting some of the weakness of the character and some of the bad decisons he had made, it also highlights alot about how unfortunate he had been.

In truth its a story that despite its 'all ages' certification and lack of any of the violence or blood that has come to symbolise the comic today, makes you feel a little grubby for reading. This is a guy thats REALLY messed up - not crazy 'Ha! Ha!', but 'serial killer' crazy.

Is he a hero? Can he ever be a hero? That depends upon how you define 'heroism', whether you think people are always defined by their past no matter what they do in the present, and what you think of other comparable examples.

Wolverine for example has probably willingly killed dozens - does it really matter whether they were 'bad guys' (and I doubt all of them were)- he's a good guy now. Black Widow participated in Russias actions during the Cold War, and no doubt murdered, assassinated and sabotaged her way through the 1950's to the 1990's. If Russia had won the Cold War then her actions would have made her a national hero, its only because America won it and history is written by the victor that there is any criticism of her character (because American agents would have definately been doing exactly the same).

At this point there are probably more heroes with a history of criminality - some worse than others - than there are ones with a clean slate.