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Subj: Re: Thunderbolt Ross in Thor
Posted: Wed Apr 27, 2016 at 04:38:12 am EDT (Viewed 228 times)
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    Banner's never been shown to experiment with any other radiation than Gamma. The Cobalt Bomb's development seems to be in question since the President doesn't think the US has one in INCREDIBLE HULK #174 after Roger Roberts blows up. Perhaps the bomb test after Thor recovers the C-Bomb in JiM#86 was a dud. They should have gotten help from Roberts, whom Banner met in #173. Banner mentioned nothing about developing a cobalt explosive in that issue or the following one.

No, the C-Bomb from JiM#86 got ferried away to the 26th Century by Zarrko the Tomorrow Man!

    He only really appeared in one panel. I don't think it was Ross. I couldn't see all the stars he was wearing, though.

He's at least a two star (Major General), which is on the collar of his shirt above the tie.

The location is specifically ID'd on the last page as a desert in New Mexico, so if it is Ross it would fit between Hulk #3 & #4.

    Dr. Konrad Zaxon was Banner's immediate successor, assigned in TtA#78. He immediately displayed signs of megalomania and the desire for world conquest. In one of the quickest defeats ever, the would-be "Zaxon The First" was destroyed by his own ray-gun after shooting the Hulk with it a few times. The Hulk, more annoyed than injured, knocked it out of his hands and Zaxon was killed while approaching his damaged gun which fired at him. This confrontation took a grand total of 3 pages(the concluding 2 pages were in TtA #79, so one page was a splash page).

It's too late for Zaxon as the story comes much earlier, as mentioned above.

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