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Subj: Re: Short answer... (& Pleasant Hill Omega #1 LINKS!) [EDIT]
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Reply Subj: Did I miss something about the Thunderbolts? Re: OMG! Nova? Quasar? Genis? [Standoff Omega Spoilers]
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    I skipped a few issues in the storyline, why does Kobik consider the original Thunderbolts her friends? From the parts I read, they don't seem to ever interact.

Short answer:
It was part of a nonsense conclusion to a senseless Event.

Just finished the un-Pleasantly drawn book so that may be impulsively harsh. Still deciding whether to PBP notate it or not.

Avengers Standoff Assault On Pleasant Hill Omega 001

pg 1-3

pg 7-9

p 14



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[EDIT: PBP] Okay, instead of a page by page waste of time here's a player by player annotation...

â–  Captain America (Sam Wilson) -he fretted about having to share the name Falcon so his solution is to share the name Captain America *rolls eyes*
â–  Spider-Man (Miles Morales) -was there
â–  Iron Man (Tony Stark) -was there
â–  Thor (Jane Foster) -was there
â–  Nova (Sam Alexander) -was there
â–  Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) -was there
â–  Vision -was there

===Avengers Unity Division
â–  Commander Steve Rogers -now he has strength to throw his new shield (of mystery metal) thru the ground *rolls eyes*
â–  Human Torch (Johnny Storm) -was there
â–  Deadpool (Wade Wilson) -was there
â–  Cable (Nate Summers) -was there
â–  Synapse (Emily Guerrero) -was there
â–  Rogue (Anna Marie) -was there
â–  Quicksilver (Pietro Maximoff) -was there

===Bad Guys
â–  Oodles of cameoed cretins -were there (jobbing)
â–  Baron Zemo (Helmut Zemo) -ignore all his character development canon
â–  Mentallo (Marvin Flumm)
â–  Kraven the Hunter (Sergei Kravinoff) -hosting birthday parties and hunting fishermen... the ANAD Comic Relief Star
â–  Graviton -stronger than everyone
â–  Red Skull -baffling chronology
â–  Sin -was there

===Good Guys
â–  Wendell Vaughn -what?!! why?!! how?!! when?!! etc...
â–  S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents -poor shmucks had to suffer this Project
â–  Maria Hill -ridiculously let off
â–  Dr. Eric Selvig -more characterization than almost all Avengers and not much at that
â–  Agent Avril Kincaid (NEW QUASAR) -all this mess for her and Kobik
â–  Whisperer (Rick Jones) -from (apparently pardoned) fugitive (and lame Saddam joke maker) to being recruited into Avengers Program in unspecified capacity
â–  World Security Council Member Peron -does the command structure make sense?

===TB TB: Thunderbolts To Be
â–  Kobik -all this mess for her and Kincaid
â–  Winter Soldier (Bucky Barnes) -ignore Man on the Wall canon
â–  Moonstone (Karla Sofen) -was there
â–  Fixer (Bert Ebersol) -was there
â–  Atlas (Erik Josten) -was there
â–  Mach VII (Abner Jenkins) -he deserved a ton of props and an Avengers recruitment but Marvel wants to rehash TB

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