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Subj: I've seen Civil War twice...i honestly did not like it. It was much ado about nothing.
Posted: Tue May 03, 2016 at 03:44:40 am EDT (Viewed 10 times)
Reply Subj: I watched Captain America Civil War on Saturday morning. Best Marvel movie ever ! and, yes ... [few spoilers, but don't read if you want absolutely no information before watching the movie]
Posted: Mon May 02, 2016 at 05:38:49 am EDT (Viewed 405 times)

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Best Marvel movie ever :

- best storyline of all Marvel movies

- 2nd best villain (after Loki) but don't expect Zemo to be like the comics version. Still, one of the most interesting comics villains ever.

- great thriller

- great battle between the superheroes : Gi(Ant)-Man vs Iron Man's team is fun

- Tony Stark's portrayal is very subtle, at the same time antagonist and one of the main protagonists.

- Most main rumors were true about what the Winter Soldier did

- Even if he is a secondary character, they found a clever way to make Black Panther "THE" pivotal character in the movie.

- did I say best storyline. I repeat, best storyline. It is a metaphor about our world and it totally works.

I was more convinced by Tony Stark's point of view than Cap's point of view even if Cap is supposed to be the main protagonist.
It proves how great the story is.

The second time, i wanted to be in the right frame of mind, so before the movie i ate cheeseburger with fries and for dessert i ate apple pie...you can't get much American than that, except maybe for snack eat hotdogs. But after an ok meal, i went in hoping to find more than my first outing....nothing.

Captain America made no sense. He did not want the Avengers to be under the UN, when all the while they have been working with SHIELD. SHIELD is a covert agency under the US government. That is no different than being under the UN. The Sokovia Accord was only meant to lessen casualties, and it gives them authority and jurisdiction when they go after Hydra or whomever to various parts of the globe. A wholly private organization cannot do that. They do not have jurisdiction and they cannot impose their will on foreign sovereign borders. If they kill someone, even a thug, even by accident, if without authority, that is homicide. They will be criminally liable.

Besides which, Captain Steve Rogers should be used to it by now, since he came from the military. He is afraid that the Avengers will be used for other people's agenda? They need not obey illegal and unconscionable orders, even in the military.

Going after Winter Soldier instead of cooperating with Black Widow and the other Avengers is cocky. Ross was right, they could have spared a lot of lives had Rogers cooperated. And to interfer in the apprehension of a known criminal is obstruction of justice. Captain America violated a lot of laws just because he thinks he is the best one for the job, instead of cooperating with authorities. That's arrogance.

So, the lives of Antman, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Falcon and Black Widow got ruined (from being Avengers to fugitives) because Captain America thought he knows best.

In my second viewing, i realized that Tony Stark gave him plenty of chances to make things right....first, during the avengers meeting (which got interrupted by the death of his old flame). Second, during the funeral, Black Widow tried to talk to him about keeping the Avengers together, nothing. Third, after they were captured, Tony gave him a pen to sign the Sokovian Accord, nothing. Fourth, even after all the laws Cap broke, during the airport confrontation, Tony told him that he was ordered to bring in the Winter Soldier, could he help a brother out...nothing. In those instances, Captain America could have confided to Tony Stark about the Zemo threat and that Bucky was being framed...they could have turned in the Winter Soldier provisionally and the Avengers could have investigated the threat....TOGETHER. That was the lesson Tony learned from Steve in Age of Ultron, which Cap forgot in this movie.

Action wise...excellent. i hated the fanboy spidey...so annoying whenever he says "wow...i am a fan....wow metal arms...wow...whatever". He was trying so hard to act "young", it came off unnatural.

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