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Subj: Re: All-New, ANAD, New Avengers #11...
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PBP bullets to compare if you read...

New Avengers 011 (2016)

• It's clear the writer tried to inject an overdose of fun into this installment - and for the most part it worked out okay.

• Good cover. Marvel gets it's poser shot. Readers get context related and even last Event acknowledgement. This carries over into the refreshing new layout with the Recap Page.

• Fun inclusion of chapter names. On the downside: it rips off Starfire's top-of-the-page series gimmick, it's takes up way too much page space, and it takes away from story when you add more page clutter with so many [funny but non-story] minimalist ID box captions.

• [Just like in Children's Crusade] Wiccan meets up with his "possible" spirit-mom, the Sultry Witch . [Sandoval and Almara should be doing her series! Although, they should knock it off with drawing so many long forearm lines when drawing men] Really liked the clever chapter title and ID boxes for this pair. It gives reason for the visit as it couldn't have been just to discuss a codename and the clear parentage of him [or her for that matter] is still a... notable challenge to process.

• nb. Pennyroyal. Some neat realworld trivia to look up later...

• Perhaps 3 pages discussing the importance of using a mage's codename was a bit much [but hopefully Sister Grimm was listening!]. Perhaps Billy should just change it to Magik or Green Warlock - as in inexperienced not archfoe [clearly, New Avengers, White Tiger, Power Man, Hawkeye, etc would not have issue with name copying ;\) ]. Perhaps it was "too soon" for Wanda to make a "NO MORE MUTANTS" cheap crack ['cuz, wow, did she sound creepy there].

• nb. IRL girl. Looked it up. HA! Very clever real world acronym for Doreen's fun ID box. Also, this is another example of SG being drawn very good in every title outside of her own series!

• SHIELD froze all DaCosta's assets such that he can't pay his team??? That doesn't sound possible.

• Fun TV interviews page with cameos and comedy. Although necessary details, for exclusive readers, on the rejuvination of Cap and the absence of Whisperer and an elapsed WEEKS time since the Event conclusion, Pleasant Hill Omega #1, is severely lacking.

• 2 more page just discussing importance of picking Avengers name variation was a bit much. And lame arguments at that. Maybe it was just Marvel's tease that they still own the Young Avengers copyright so to tempt readers to write in for another YA book? Ugh.

• Hill calling Barton pathetic?! After her PH showing? THAT's pathetic.

• The scene with Mel at Clint's place was good. The footnote detail about the 'bug' was neat. But her apology felt halfassed and Plunderer just happening by felt contrived.

• All fun: Plunderer as the one-shot villain choice. The fact he PAID for his Plunder-bots. Personal lackey, Terry. 'What a wonderful' song parody. Hilarity of his losing history vs Squirrel Girl. Tippy Toe popping on his shoulder. Terry's phobia. The whole big battle.

• Believable formation of this new team with these fantastic four members and the blatant mockery with namecopying 'Berto's namecopying the Avenge®s copyright.

• Oh yeah, there's Cornonball smile on the last page again. His ANAD backstory was snubbed again. At least he got a cameo where POD, Vic, Ava or any background Zebra Kid did not, for that matter.

• Good emotinal reason for Songbird to go off and be a TBolt... WAITAMINNIT! Berto wants her to be what now?! Ha! How would that work?

Support Cancer Research & Alzheimers Research.

could someone explain why Clint getting fired from S.H.I.E.L.D. (even though why it seems he's been there long term, when he has been (reluctant at best) part of their Avengers Initiative(which would have been a better name than Secret Avengers), makes him feel that he can't even be an Avenger again? If anything Commander Rogers (and possibly Tony) should have had Clint look into it, to see what are Sunspots intentions.

Not crazy about the cover, still not a fan of the artist.

I was hoping that Wiccan, Hulkling and Squirrel Girl would start on a recruiting trip. Perhaps Wanda could have been instrumental in showing them who to recruit.

Mr. Bojo

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