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Subj: Re: All-New - All-Different Avengers #10: Earths Mightiest Half-wits...
Posted: Thu Jun 02, 2016 at 08:37:55 am EDT (Viewed 242 times)
Reply Subj: All-New - All-Different Avengers #10: Earths Mightiest Half-wits...
Posted: Wed Jun 01, 2016 at 08:22:05 pm EDT (Viewed 301 times)

    All-New - All-Different Avengers 010
    Earths Mightiest Half-wits...

BTW, I'd totally buy this series, but not Avengers!!!

    -Hunk of Junk Ship. Hunk. Of. Junk.
    -Stupid 100% dependence on Mjolnir motoring.

Eh. This is not the first time they've had to use Thor for power. It's kind of expected for classic Quinjets. Great continuity nod, imo.

    -Didn't Nova leave on his own in his book?

He's got a book? \:\) Seriously though... not really the same story.

    -Which fool offered to take turn holding her hammer?
    -Irresponsible Stark runs permission slip scam.

"Well, it wasn't exactly a lie. Exactly."

    -Reckless Stark endangers newbies on blind space quest.

No different than endangering newbies in Jersey.

    -Lazy namedropping of Fantastic Four (Who owns/authorized the FF warehouse loan? Torch? SHIELD? Parker Industries? Reed's Power of Atorney?)

Didn't consider it lazy. Pretty cool namedrop, imo. Not really sure which I'd prefer have control of Reed tech-- Stark, T'Challa or Brashear.

    -Starktech trumps Novatech. Of course it does.

Didnt' see an indication of that.

    -Wasted breath - with silly talk convincing readers that Redwing's presence and that Spider-miles powers are both ill-suited for spaceship adventures.

Yeah. Don't buy there's a problem with wall crawling because of fake gravity. But I can believe Redwing has a problem.

Don't think artificial gravity would affect sticking to things.

    -Props to Waspnadia for pimping Jarv's ride 'cuz they're STILL ON THE ROAD to go see Waspjan in this interlude while the main heroes have prepped for Blindquest and crossed a galaxy! Sheesh.

Yeah. Since when was Pym ever cautious?! Sorry, no one's buying that, Jarvis.

    -Soooo, Waspjan is the goto Pym Particle Expert to call in for a National Crisis with a Microverse Bomber? Waspjan?! Soooo, we have to wait 30 days to see the Trope Factor with what people/agencies are involved besides "Barry". Do we know Barry the Schmoe?

I'd probably go to her, yeah.

Don't think we know Barry.

    -Annihilus. Great. More 8 MONTH GAP crap to complain about next ish.


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