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Subj: Meanwhile in Civil War II - Gods of War #1...
Posted: Sat Jun 11, 2016 at 01:39:00 pm EDT (Viewed 354 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Vision #8...
Posted: Fri Jun 10, 2016 at 01:40:17 pm EDT (Viewed 309 times)


      Sooo, [the nitpick with the issue...] it looks like yet another Avegers alumni character got green lighted to be secretly/retroactively used as an active Avenger working undercover: Victor Mancha. Hmm. So, Stingray is an active mole working under Cap & UA. Victor is an active mole working under IM & ANADA. Hawkeye was liasoning with SHIELD. Someone called Cho's Hulk in for a SHIELD/Avengers team up in this week's AoS. Don't know if Captain Marvel has been officially stated as a non-Avenger in-story since ANAD started or not - she shouldn't be associated with the team in her position where it would be more agreeable to 'assume' Jen is. Please establish existing status of all official Avengers already, Marvel!

    Is that really any different from usual? Don't even think he's being an active Avenger, tbh.

It is not any different but rather than approve of Marvel's vaguery or consent by silence it seems more proactive to point it out (nitpick) as pet peeve at times (maybe too often since SW?) when Avengers procedure proves problematic.

Beside being a debate whether Victor was still an active, reactivated or not active member here, another potentially interesting debate would be which would be more insulting: That the Avenger leader assign an active Avenger to spy/mole on a member of his team OR they request an INactive OR REactivated an Avenger -on the downlow- to do it. Stingray spying on Deadpool for Steve, Manch spying on Vision for Tony - does that feel in anyways unprofessional? What happened to Avenger Trials with improper practices? [Like SpOck got most recently.] Or maybe Cap and Iron Man should have outsourced the job to some unbiased 3rd party/non-Avenger so findings would be impartial? Wonder how they will be addressing Black Widow's suspected "criminal" activity - or if it will even be a storytelling priority.

One correction, after just reading Civil War II - Gods of War 001 is that the inferrence that CHOulk was actively called in during AoS. It may have been, in some way, a happy coincidence that he instead just 'teamed up' with The Avengers. As seen in Civil War II - Gods of War 001, it was happenstance that he (and Herc) was on hand to lend a hand with the summoned teams against the Celestial Destructor &Co. in CW II #1.

Another observation after Civil War II - Gods of War 001 is that Hercules and Gilgamesh are quite evidentally to be considered only EX-Avengers. No official status for Herc - who is reportedly SHUNNED by the Superhero Community, only gods know why... or [sarcasm]do they even[/sarcasm]? Does anyone feel it was that bad from his defunct series why relations would be so bad but maybe it's just another nitpick for the 8 MONTH GAP?

Plus, A-Force is officially called in as it's own superteam and not just some rinky dinky girls club. And Avengers have no qualms about teaming up with Ultimates with all their M.O. differences.

    My only complaint was Victor's arm opening up like that. He's supposed to be normal flesh and blood over robot skeleton.

Never read any backissues with his birth origin. Is the flesh, like cloned cells from the mother who could not give birth? Was there engrams involved? Is Vision still more 'special' as a synthezoid entity and Mancha is just some glorified uniquely advanced A.I. with not the same possibility of 'sentience'?

Meanwhile in this issue, Ulysseus makes Tiresias look like a dimestore fortune teller which must contribute to Herc failing to call in the Avengers for help against Rising Storm gods who could prove just as dangerous as the gods the NuHuman foresaw.

Finally, can anyone ID the members of the new Gods Of War team that are seen on next issue's cover: http://www.tfaw.com/Comics/Profile/Civil-War-II-Gods-Of-War-2-of-4___504328?

Civil War II - Gods of War 001 (2016)

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