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Subj: Re: What do you think of Dazzler now?
Posted: Mon Jun 20, 2016 at 11:05:30 am EDT (Viewed 217 times)
Reply Subj: Re: What do you think of Dazzler now?
Posted: Mon Jun 20, 2016 at 02:06:34 am EDT (Viewed 246 times)

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Strangely, despite having all of the original Ms Marvel run, and tried a few Spider Woman issues over the years, I have never read an issue of Dazzler. It had always struck me as a rather... desperate title. Every issue seemed to have some big guest star being used to try and get my attention, even though those guest stars were clearly well out of the arena stratosphere for the wannabe pop star/singer/Club Artiste.
On reflection as well the difficulty of the concept of an aspiring vocalist/singer in an airless medium like comics is fundmentally nigh impossible to achieve, it is all very well saying Dazzler is a terrific singer but the fact is she never came to the mainstream big time, so any suggestions as to how good a singer she is, and whether she is even 'pop' or classical, is a moot exercise as the reader has no way to gauge an opinion.
Despite these problems I still like the character, or rather I Want to like her. But for at least the last ten years she has been in such constant flux and turmoil I cannot actually get to grips with her anymore as a reader... too many cooks and therefore no real idea as to who or what she stands for anymore

Well, her story is that she was a "big-time mainstream" singer, but it all came to an end when she was outed as a mutant. There was never any doubt that she was a pop/disco singer.

And that's pretty much why I never cared. It's tough enough for me to care about comic book singers when I like their genres (the more rock/punk Lila Cheney or jazz NightMan). Had Dazzler chosen to pursue her law career, I might have been interested.

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