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As a 40ish year old DJ/music producer that grew in NYC around that time... Disco was just as subversive as Punk was. She was the embodiment of that. Disco was made and listened to by gays and minorities, before even hip hop was produced. The archetype of this music was latin style percussion funky basslines and a diva-esques female singers in brightly lit glamorous night clubs like 54, Paradise Garage or Xenon, and she fit the mold. Who else but a mutant could represent that. She is a product of her time. Even the Roller Skates she used to use was indicative of the styles and trends of the time (look up the disco roller skating classic flick Roller Boogie). It's no wonder as trends changed she disappeared and Storm got a Mohawk. BUT with the resurgence of House Music, EDM, Dance Music... All music styles derived from Disco, its no wonder Dazzler has made a comeback.
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I always liked Dazzler when she had her own comic. She wasn't my favorite but I enjoyed the stories - and it was probably a good thing that comics were a silent medium since I hated disco back then.

Every now and then I'll still pick up an issue of a comic in which she is featured but I haven't really enjoyed Dazzler since she became part of the X-universe. A-Force is no different because the SW mini-series left me feeling negative about the direction of the comic and I have no interest in purchasing the current series. I guess I still like the character though because I read and replied to this thread.

I don't remember what happened in issue 21 with her mother but I liked reading the letter page about it. I decided to check out one of the writers from back then and discovered this link (which I hope isn't the same person since they will no longer be able to enjoy comic books).