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Subj: Re: Uncanny Avengers #10: Half Life...
Posted: Wed Jun 22, 2016 at 05:18:09 pm EDT (Viewed 302 times)
Reply Subj: Uncanny Avengers #10: Half Life...
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Uncanny Avengers 010

Liked it (surprisingly) a lot. Really liked the art too! This Larraz/Curiel combo are 2 for 2 \(yes\) \(yes\) . Loved the perfect title! And it was neat to play along and see clear signs that something was amiss. It's a smart "twist" that it's actually Ultron (dominant) and not Pym given the il/logic of his Pymtron's actions (hardly explained) since his return last ish. Still, as good as it was...

• premature cover choice
• readers really deserved more itenary details of what Pymtron had been up to between his return last ish and now
• weird not knowing if this is before or after Civil War which is concurrent in every other Marvel title
• also the reference that RAGE OF ULTRON happened 'months' ago was a bit to topical for my taste; Marvel should be able to accurately footnote it down - maybe someone here can remind us - there's INVERSION, (8months)TIME RUNS OUT, INCURSION, 8 MONTH GAP and it seems they're saying 'Yeah, somewhere in there'
• let's say... 'interesting' reveal of what kind of search for Pym was mounted between issues - lazy storytelling but interesting participants
• who would Pymtron "HAVE A DATE" with - already?!
• Deadpool/Shiklah feuding seems unfairly out of the blue
• guess great minds don't think alike when they're sharing headspace 'cuz Ultron made some bonehead decisions
• it's GREAT that Cap called Jan in but he should have called in Vizh too or Stark or some other techie for consult
• what does "SCHA---" spell out at Avengers HQ? The theatre HQ right?
• nice detail Johnny asking about the Return of the FF
• "HALF LIFE 3"? Is that the HOT game kids are playin' these days? Never seen one TV ad for it (yet). Interesting subliminal name connection to the story itself, eh.
• great to see Cable doesn't have that giant backscratcher appendage; forgot he has no flesh left on arm for technovirus to infect - does he even have that virus still?
• doesn't really tell us WHY Pymtron would go to the HQ to hobnob with Cable and Torch but it move the story along quickly enough
• that is one BIG EXPLOSTION to guess at their deathtrap escapes... probably TK shield - does Cable even have his TK shield, Torch can absorb the heatblast, DP regenerates, Damage Control repairs HQ?
• Wasp's 'purple shading' on page17 REALLY bugged me for no good reason after a masterpiece of drawing her
• just a MINI Emp does the job to subdue him?! So quick and easy?! Bah. It took a whole team of Assembled Avengers more often than not!
• SHOCKING decision Jan makes to pull the plug on Hank; in some ways it makes sense but it also feels wrong - can't decide if she would be so... so... decisive
• great ending! Did he lower his aim or didn't he?! My guess/hope is he listened to his boss and not his heart

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Yes, I liked the story too. The art was also very enjoyable, as an aspiring artist, I like to see if I can tell the styles that other artists try to emulate and make their own. I think of the Squadron, Ultimates, Uncanny, New and A-Force, this is perhaps the bool with the best art.

Far as calling in the other Avengers and his "date." I believe he was referring to Janet and maybe he was referring to Jocasta, and by the way isn't Ultron married to her?

If they were going to call Tony or Vision, but maybe they didn't because they of the current storyline in the Vision's own book.) I would think they might also call Avengers A.I. Agent Chang, Jocasta, Protector II, Victor and Doombot. (Getting off topic I think it would have been cool to have Agent Hammond (Human Torch ) lead the team, with Machine Man X-51 on the team as well.)

I was going to write this regarding Civil War, in reference to Carol assembling her team to go against Thanos. In the recent issue of Ultimates we see that she did take time to get a team together, but should there be a special ops team for a menace like Thanos? Same as Ultron, heroes like Sersi and even Madison Jeffries should be on call.

Mr. Bojo

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