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Subj: Re: Ant-Man and the Wasp MOVIE: What did you think?
Posted: Sun Jul 15, 2018 at 08:36:24 am EDT (Viewed 390 times)
Reply Subj: Ant-Man and the Wasp MOVIE: What did you think?
Posted: Sun Jul 15, 2018 at 06:10:20 am EDT (Viewed 601 times)

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Do YOU agree or disagree with this partial copypasta with random Anonymous bulletin board blurbs about the movie?:

Ant Man and the Wasp Anonymous 07/13/18(Fri)22:42:28 No.101672501 >>101672534 >>101672558 >>101672562 >>101672806 >>101672870 >>101673014 >>101673042 >>101673187 >>101673265 >>101673549 >>101673574 >>101673767 >>101674280 >>101674394 >>101674747 >>101675593 >>101675711 >>101676762 >>101677042 >>101677287 >>101677308 >>101677799 >>101677829 >>101679012 >>101679108 >>101680635 >>101683547 >>101684975 >>101685936 >>101687227 >>101688403 >>101689090 >>101690065 >>101690090 >>101690568 >>101690786 >>101690867 >>101691260 >>101692732 >>101695408 >>101695618 >>101695658 >>101698712 >>101698856 >>101698911

Why is AM&tW flopping?

Because I pirated it.

Marvels Toxic Liberal Agenda

By what metric is it flopping?

It's doing fine - It's just in a crowded summer - Plus it's not even out in most of the world

It hasn’t even made $200 Million yet. Such a huge drop off after Black Panther and Infinity War.

You seriously thought Ant Man and The Wasp was going to do HISTORICAL BLACK ACHIEVEMENT and EVERYONE DIES PART ONE numbers? That's your own stupid math

Every MCU movie since Doctor Strange has consistently made more than the last installment. Ant Man logically should have done IW numbers. I think IW left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth.

>>101672501 (OP)
Because it wasn't that good. It was Incredible Hulk and Thor 2 tier. The best part of the movie was the mid-credits scene.

I'm surprised it's done this well given the absolutely devastating way Infinity War ended and it only came out just over 2 months later. If anything I think this should tell Marvel they should probably move Spiderman to at least August next year

Prove me wrong. The hype of it being an MCU movie should have kept the box office money going. Clearly something went wrong and is turning audience’s off.

In my humble opinion, it didn't feel like it had any passion behind it, even compared to the other MCU movies. I got the impression that nobody associated gave a crap about the film- Paul Rudd especially, which is unfortunate since he's almost always on screen as the title character.

What went wrong is that this is effin filler. Still fun, but nobody cares unless the current plot is resolved. Carol will get a boost for the sake of "First Marvel Heroine Movie" and because its a fresh face. Ant Man is still want of the more popular Avengers given his gimmick and likability. There's a ceiling to this cash cow

this. hate to say this but both Antman movies feel like generic, by the book, soulless cookie cutter movies.

Ant-Man made even more into a joke character who is a bumbling &^%$#

An "AND" movie should have a buddy cop feel with differing personalities clashing, like Lethal Weapon or Rush Hour. Power Man and Iron Fist would be perfect for this had the Netflix shows not used them (and ruined them). Praying Fiege reboots them down the line so we can get a good movie and portrayal of them.

bad timing, people only care about Avengers 4 right now plus it's a very crowded summer

That's certainly true for the first one
But not really for this one
I think a lot of it comes from lack of structure
There's no real villain nor is there really any sort of internal struggle for the main characters

I'm honestly baffled by box office

How &^%$ing stupid are you to think that WE WAS KANGS and TWENTY MOVIES LED UP TO THIS would be outperformed by what amounts to filler?

Its nor as good as recent MCU films to be honest.If it didnt have the MCU tag it would have flopped hard. There is no iconics scenes . All important scenes are revealed in trailer. The unnecessary villians are added just for a car scene. Whole hyped quantum realm wasnt explored much . Final act should have been just quantum realm and its occupants.

The rest of the MCU (or at least some movies) try to at least have a different coating for each movie. Thor Ragnarok was fun and made use of its setting. Winter Soldier and Black Panther were good until the last third devolved into generic explosions and stuff (plus when has Afrofuturism ever been done on a big budget movie?). Iron Man 1 and Guardians of the Galaxy 1 are the only ones that really stand out as good movies on their own merits. Ant-Man 2 feels like Thor 2 levels of useless filler

>>101672501 (OP)
Why would you see a movie for a guy who wasn't important enough to be in Infinity War?

You can already tell how the movie will play out from the trailer and how much jokes will be forced in to make up for its lack of solid plot

normies can already tell this is filler crap that wont cause them to miss anything for Avengers

>>101672501 (OP)
I personally liked the movie a fair bit, but feel as if it needed a stronger villain instead of...not really having one, one that really measured up to the heroes, anyway. If nothing else, set it mostly in the Quantum Realm

it was a great movie about fathers and daughters. Every scene of Rudd and his daughter was beautiful

So it's the first movie again

People say not enough struggle? huh? It's Scott trying to be a father and reconciling with Hope at the same time. He was struggling between being a father and moving into a new relationship and being a new type of person. Hope and Hank were struggling to find Janet and bring their family back together. Ghost was struggling to live

if that's your low bar the sentimental stuff has been done better in sitcoms

This sounds incredibly boring

But this movie was much more fun than most of those sitcoms. And the actors were far more charismatic than most. Cassie is adorable.

>>101672501 (OP)
already past the first movies profit "why is it flopping?"

>>101672501 (OP)
i saw it last week and my brother had me take him to see it for his birthday today. it seems to be doing fine for a lesser known hero

An excuse could fly if this was Ant-Man's first film but it's not.Including Civil War it's the third. You can compare it to the first sequels for the other Marvel heroes that were lesser known and it's very clearly behind.

This. Scott's become an imbecile just so Wasp can shine.

The first movie made $500 Mil. This one hasn’t even cracked $200 yet

>>101672501 (OP)
Why would I watch a sequel to a baskin robbins ad?

It's making near Winter Soldier did.


That chart seems interesting, got a link?


The Numbers is far better than any other site for doing math on movie box offices. Don't know why Google doesn't give it top spot

The movie is literally Iron Man with ants.


I dont know why so many people on this site praise that movie

even including comic fans, who gives a $#!& about antman OR the wasp

cause only brainlets think plot is all that matters. It's execution that matters most. And Ant-Man did what they did well

You have it literally as wrong as possible. IW left too good of a taste. Nobody gives a $#!& about filler, even though it'll probably prove important later on.

>>101672501 (OP)
It flopping about as hard as Spider-Man Homecoming. Suck it haters.

nb. Ragnarok was the bottom of the 2017 grossers. Although I'll note that (worldwide) Black Panther / Ragnarok = about 1.58, which is roughly the same as the 1.51 that is Infinity War / Black Panther, so clearly, following this trend, Ant Man and the Wasp should have made about three billion dollars!

HT gave AM&tW 2.5/5. What else do you people need?

>>101672501 (OP)
all the sjw $#!& that has ruined comics is now making it into movies - male character is portrayed like a stupid loser so that the strong wyman can look "badass" in comparison

Flopping? Is that why it’s making more than the first ant man. Also hank is the most competent person in the entire movie.

It came out after biggest MCU movie. Iron man 3 came out after Avengers and made more than bil despite being utter trash. Imagine how bad Antman is.

>>101672501 (OP)
Because Ant-Man need to be driven by Hank Pym. Give us an Hank Pym and Janet movie, as the two aging heroes have to try and re-spark their romance, getting into weird escapades, as they have to deal with the consequences on their past mistakes, and compete with a newer generation who is faster, smarter, but nowhere near as wise or sneaky.

Hope looked way better in the first movie with the hair style she had in it, compared to this one.

They changed the hair once Zeeta-Jones wasn't cast as Janet.

we were this close to the perfect Janet - blame Feige.

I don't understand. What does Hope's hair have to do with Janet's actor?

Best part was the mid-credits scene. Guess they're setting up for the remaining Avengers looking for any hero who didn't get dusted, and will get Hank out somehow.

Being out in a busier time don't matter. If the MCU is as invincible as we're lead to believe this shouldn't be a problem. You're using the same excuses that Solo did

There's a word for this, it's "capesh!t fatigue".

>>101672501 (OP)
This movie literally succeeded

>didn't make as much money as Infinity War or Black Panther = FLOP

>>101672501 (OP)
In case any non movie person wants to know, this movie is doing just okay. I'm sure Marvel was hoping this would of been a big box office surprise like BP, but that's obviously not gonna happen. You can say that's due to the World Cup going on and the rest of the world caring about that other than the U.S, but the fact is Ant-Man hasn't even opened yet in foriegn countries. As long as it makes 500 world wide it's gonna make it's money back. But I guarantee you the Marvel is hoping that it at least makes 700 million and not 600 million like the "dispaointments" Thor 2 and Dr. Strange. 700 million worldwide is the the new 100 million of saving grace.

Yeah, I think the movie would have benefited and been a lot better with a proper villain

Will it even get past Justice League?

Feige telegraphed the future of the MCU and prematurely scared everyone away.

Superhero fatigue is finally catching up. It's only natural after the big crossover.

I'm glad that MCU still gives their less effective cash cows some love. It would suck if the MCU was just Iron Man 7, Captain America 5, Thor 6, and Black Panther 10

Remember when people talked "capesh!t fatigue" this when the first Ant-Man came out?

It hasint released in China - Chill

I liked it more than Guardians 2.

If the daily box office keep falling at this rate it might end making less than antman 1 on US even though the budget is higher

>>101672501 (OP)
Its mediocrity incarnate. Story beats are predictable as hell, humor is the same old marvel stuff, theres very little action in it. I saw it yesterday and I almost fell asleep. Ghost is hardly a good antagonist abd Birch was mediocre. It really needed more action, and a script rewrite. Plus im tired as &^%$ of the marvel formula. Its just not a very strong film which is a shame, i liked the general feel they were going for but it had way too much fat to trim from the script.

>>101672501 (OP)
Saw it. Kinda boring desu. Villain has motivation but still lacks character.The jokes were hit or miss. The ending was an asspull.

Peyton Reed is like having one Russo Brother. There's Joe (The creative) and Anthony (The practical guy), whereas Reed is what you get wheb you have straight-laced Anthony Russo on his own.

--this one flt more cookie cutter i wanted more heists

Scott and Cassie is the only normal father-daughter relationship in the entire MCU. It's one of the few positive dad and daughter relationships in fiction. Since the few that there are tend to be toxic.

The MCU won't make any film as big as infinity war. People will stop seeing smaller marvels films because they won't feel as important anymore.

Three Marvel movies a year was a mistake.

Last year, all three films made $800 mil, and this year, 2 films made it over a billion. Ant-Man is a hard sell, and let's be honest, the commercials sold a different movie where Ghost was trying to destroy the world (Go on and look up ads, they add those lines)

This film was going to under perform, but having to wait til World Cup ends makes it worse.

>>101672501 (OP)
It's actually doing significantly better than the first Ant Man (75 million opening weekend to the original's 57 million), and will land somewhere between 500 and 600 million worldwide, on a budget of under 150 million, which is a tidy profit. It's no Black Panther or Infinity War, but it was also a lot cheaper to make than those movies, and Ant Man 3 (or just 'The Wasp') is likely confirmed at this point.

One of the best MCU movies so far, imo. But that's me, and I tend not to like "blockbuster." This was Spidey street-level fun. Refreshing.

I see a lot of those complaints calling it "filler," but it's not. No Marvel movie should be judged based on the universe. This isn't an MCU movie. It's an Ant-Man movie. I saw the same sorts of complaints about the Solo movie, because there wasn't some grand universal plot, and they're equally rubbish.

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