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Avengers 005

OMG. It's must be pretty bad for the best lines to come from, not even my 100th favourite Marvel hero: wannabe Ghost Rider and he also puts in the most notable showing - annoyingly BETWEEN PANELS. That "RACER X" comment was the only smileworthy moment all issue. Oh, Stark characterization was okay too if you mind a taste for his RDJ MCu persona. As you comment the art was alright, too.

Some random discouraging thoughts...

How did GR hear Loki talking to Cap?

Remind me the issue and synopsis of the coming of the 1st Host that readers previously were told (from an old Thor or Eternals ish presumably).

Speaking of Eternals, they were dropped from the story like hot potatoes. Mentioned in passing. What a joke.

Soooo... The Progenitor came for 4 Billion Years ago to croak and spread a horde of cosmic cooties. Then his "lover" Zgreb came for him 3 Billion Years later? [sarcasm]Talk about a prolonged courtship essentially on hold for that length of time. Now that must've been true love.[/sarcasm] The (retconned?) 1st Host came looking for the missing couple but ran from the Horde and left behind the unhappy couple. Somehow the CAVEngers got involved with THIS HOT MESS and suffered casualties or somesuch. Who knows. Loki could've been lying out of his teeth.

Loki wasted half the book with this deplorable origin story. Then couldn't handle a chained Cap so he tried to kill him. Then he gets choked and bound by GR's chain BETWEEN PANELS. His portrayal felt so off and infodumping got boring. And when exactly did Loki learn of this aeons old story of these Celestials.

An "Alpha" Celestial is basically just a Celestial, eh? Or just the Pogenitor? "Dark" Celestial is any that have been infected OR HAVE NOT been infected by the Horde bugs, right? So, all these dead Celestials dropping out of the sky were infected and died by bugs offworld?

Soooo... God-Killer II armor was built by Stark on Mars? Hmmph. Well, he made Sol's Hammer satelligte between issues so this is hard to contest but still don't like this sudden intro as much as that long neglected Starbrand Day Care center in space.

Uh, when did the skies come to be on fire?! Still no mention of other heroes involved with this obvious end of the world scenario is disappointing oversight.

Uh, how is GR's Car communicating/hacking IM's Armor?! Mystical spirit power?

Uh, The Car knows/spoke with Howard Stark?!

Uh, Cap was talking with a smartass tone according to GR?!

Uh, Loki is bossing the Dark Celestials around?!

Carol's dialogue was CHILDISH.

Uh, that's seems like an awfully easypeasy, conveniently specific, uber power upgrade the Panther gave to himself and Carol. Something that would be dumb not to reuse against lesser A-Listers.

Uh, ditto with Thor and Shulkie getting amped up with that blue Popeye Spinach gelatin. No idea why it's referred to as a "weapon".

GR was doing so well then all of a sudden he gets the urge to chicken out.

Uh, GR's demonic spirit can easypeasy possess a Celestial????!!!!! In the voice of The Church Lady, "Well isn't that special." Was Robbie at this level resourcefulness when he has his own series?

Uh, was this all so we could get a reimagined version of Avengers Vs Transformers mini series to actually be happening in the 616 this time?! Bah.

Support Cancer Research and Alzheimer Research.


EDIT2- Revisiting power of 1 Celestial in THOR#300

Because we all know how well Odin in the giant sized Destroyer armor with Surtur's sword (remembering right?) and the essences of all the Asgardians worked out against Celestials.

Pull List: Fantastic Four: random limited series. But when it comes to traditional Big Two books, the FF is all you really need, even when the book isn't at it's best it's the World's Greatest Comic Magazine. Stan said so.
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