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Subj: Re: Avengers #6: Starbrand (and GR)...
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> Starbrand (Kevin was killed in Marvel Legacy #1 and surprisingly Nightmask never went looking or going to the Avengers.
Oh yeah, that's right. Thanks. That book was published so prematurely, imo, forgot about his (apparent) death upon reading that word bubble. It's still continuity unclear how long since then Logan has been brought back to life as teased therein, too. You're definiitely right about NM and his next appearance better have a flashback explanation of Adam Blackveil since losing touch with SB. We might learn SOMETHING about this U8 take on SB in next issue with the promised origin of the B.C.Ghost Rider his CAVEnger peer. *rollseyes*

> Now the Starbrand is looking for a new host and if the Avengers series from few years ago is any indication, it'll be a woman.

Heh. Hmm...

Here are some other issue-related interesting blurbs from others online at other forums since Wednesday...



    How are they doing damage to those Celestial's now? They just needed Celestial suits and powers up to fight them, not shulk is tearing through one's leg. should have just let the OG celestials kick their ass.

    Didn't Stark say that War Machine's suit cost more than 5 billion dollars in civil war 2?

    Only two pages in and Robbie's already out of character. Aaron doesn't care about GR canon. He gained penance stare, Eli no longer talks to him, besides having a car he just a regular rider. And yes the Eli not talking to him suddenly was mentioned but we have no explanation yet. Or why he stumbled this far considering he likes to stick close to gabe.

    What the link between an ancient contagion and atheism? Stop projecting.

    Back in the day Cosmic stuff use to give me such a sense of awe when I read Marvel. But over the years they've steadily kept on doing so much bigger things and so frequently that the sense of awe is gone for me.

    I thought Chaos Wars was a thing that broke it for me, but then Secret Wars happened, and Then Ewing and his Damn Ultimates came out. Introducing yet another Cosmic being older than all the others that we never heard about that is above all the rest blah blah blah blah.

    Stories like that makes any other after feel kind of not like a big deal. At this point, cosmic stuff bland where it should spark the sense of awe.

    The fact that that was the last page it really feels like the issue just abruptly ended like they were missing the last page but left it as was because of time constraints

    The Horde are As old as the Eternals series by the Knaufs, so about 10 years.

    I don't think Aaron hates the character. They gave him Legacy and said...Do some legacy mess. we need Marvel Rebirth. The Starbrand is a legacy concept. So he takes 5 or 6 concepts he can stretch back to pre-history. flash forward, The Hickman Starbrand was too pale, so he'll be passing on that legacy to someone decidedly darker or without a penis. It is legit that callow and stupid. Next hot take is "Why are there no Canon Queer Avengers?".

    The Firmament was a throwaway Morrison concept from Marvel Boy. Ewing also mined cosmic lore from Fraction's Defenders, Gillen's Iron Man and followed up on developments from Starlin's Thanos OGNs. And reintroduced some New Universe ideas while he was at it.

    Robbie Reyes is a Ghost Rider, albeit an abnormal one (he's possessed by the ghost of his evil uncle, rather than a Spirit of Vengeance.) Robbie's a quiet, tortured character who's constantly dealing with work, raising his disabled brother on his own, and keeping L.A. safe for said brother, while barely managing a shaky truce with the evil spirit that haunts him.

    Aaron's made him this stupidly quirky teen idiot who pretty much abandoned his brother during a crisis. He's also ignoring the very basic bits of Robbie's lore (the fact that he already fought a Hulk, him being possessed by his uncle, among others.) Basically, every issue has had Aaron write him to be the exact opposite of what he's supposed to be, and turning him into comic relief.

Next issue - what does everyone think of the cover tease?:

I miss Dad & Dan.

I miss you, Dan. I miss you, Dad. I miss you, Dan.
I miss you, Dad & Dan. I miss you Dad and Dan. Support Cancer Research.
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