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Subj: Re: Did anyone else know this about Batman Beyond?
Posted: Sun Mar 18, 2007 at 12:36:23 am EDT
Reply Subj: Re: Did anyone else know this about Batman Beyond?
Posted: Fri Mar 16, 2007 at 12:54:59 pm EDT

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> I recently read an interview with Dwayne McDuffie about Batman Beyond. Before I go forward I want to remind people that the writers wanted to do one more season before thy were canned but WB said no. Secondly in the JLU episode Terry was a clone/son of Bruce Wayne created by Amanda Waller.
> McDuffie said that that reveal had been planned since the begining of the show but they never got a chance to do it because of cancellation. Here's the kicker. Having Waller be the mastermind was a rewrite of what they had orignally planned.
> Originally it was supposed to have been an at some point driven insane Selina Kyle who had orchestrated this. Selina had become obsessed with the continuation of Batman. She had arranged what waller would do but she makes dozens of them. By some fluke all of them but Terry and one other are girls so Selina abandons them and Terry falls through the cracks and Selina loses track of him. She kills the parents of the other boy and raises him herself to be her version of the next Batman' a Batman who kills. Thy were gonna hvae him kill several villians and maybe even one of the older ones (they considered the Riddler for awhile) before Bruce's Batman would fight Selina's Batman at the end. This was scrapped after the show was cancelled and eventually rewritten to tie into JLU. McDuffie said it would have been so dark it would have made ROTJ look cheery by compariso. This was orignally to be the story of the last season, then when the show was canned it was to be the plot of the next movie after ROTJ, then that got canned too. Later it was retconned and done as Epilogue in JLU.
> I have to go to work now but I'll look for the link when i get home.

I knew about this already. However, I see Batman Beyond though as one big joke. A criminal punk with no motivation becomes Batman and gets handed the Batman title after just one outing in a super deluxe easy to use Batman costume. Give me a break!!! A big fanfiction and nothing more of Bruce Timm and company. It is not at all in the least sense a true depiction of Batman. The Batman episode Artifact's shows a more possible, realistic and truer future for Batman than Batman Beyond in all its seasons was able to a acccomplish. The only thing I agree with your post is that their should be a more violent and mature Batman series. I have one such series in mind but it could never ever get approved by Warner Brothers as it strictly adhires to the best Batman comics and is not for kids.

I agree with your premise that the recent episode of The Batman Artifacts is a more accurate depiction of a Batman future. I find it hard to believe that Batman would not have his own fall back plan. His very obsession and controling nature that has long been established lends crediblity to Artifacts over Epilogue.
I DVR the episodes of the Batman and Artifacts I have yet to erase because of how well they transfered Batman from the comics to a 30min slimmed down TV show.
All and all I was not greatly impressed with Batman Beyond. There was only one well down episode and that was Shreik where at the end Bruce explantion for not believe he was hearing voice was "Because in my own head I don't call myself Bruce."

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