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Subj: O , men of little faith.**possible future spoilers**
Posted: Wed Nov 21, 2007 at 12:38:33 pm CST
Reply Subj: More Batman 2008 rumors **possible future spoilers**
Posted: Mon Nov 19, 2007 at 09:57:35 pm CST

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The last two LITG columns... this one and this one, have covered the death of Bruce Wayne, his ascendancy as a Fifth World New God, and his replacement here on Earth.

I can now tell you that the new Batman will be designed by Alex Ross and will see Jason Todd under the cowl.

Poor Dick Grayson. Don't you hate it when someone junior to you is promoted above your head?

This is all part of a cross-continuity, longform story by Grant Morrison and in terms of structure bears similarity to his “New X-Men,” but on a far wider scale. It sounds rather good.

I said further down the board when it was first reported that DC might be killing off Batman, that Jason Todd was the most sensible choice to replace Bruce. This might be interesting

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there´s a new crisis coming and there´s 52 universes out there;

So, what about... There´s a new fresh universe with new Bruce Wayne Batman, and yes another revision of his origin, in the horizon. AND the older universe finally moves OVER and become parallel EARTH ?
after almost 70 years of comics, and a multiverse as it´s obvious landmark, why NOT having an earth One ( golden age), Earth Two ( silverage), Earth three ( modern age) and EARTH FOUR ( twenty-first century) ?

IF you let your imaginations run wild ,Golden Age Earth could easly turn Batman Terry McGinnis earth. Silverage earth could create another INFINITY INC. with the sons and daughters of Batman, wonderwoman, etc... ANd Modern age.... CAn finnaly set older scores Like Dick Grayson becoming Batman for one.