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Posted: Sat Jul 05, 2008 at 11:05:27 am CDT
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Posted: Sat Jul 05, 2008 at 06:19:53 am CDT

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> > You fail to realize the simple concept of their being definitive versions of characters and copycat imitations of characters.
> >
> > Even a baby could tell the differences.
> >
> > Such a basic understanding is a fact, not an opinion.
> >
> > Opinion is whether you like an imitation or not.
> >
> > Opinion is whether you like some obviously factually badly written story that makes zero sense that retcons the whole history of Batman for no reason other than because some insane writer that does understand superheroes felt like it.
> >
> > Feces is feces.
> >
> > Liking it is your opinion.
> No, everything you said is still opinion not fact. There are no retcons here. All Morrison is doing is a) paying tribute to Bill Finger and b) showing us that even Batman can be beaten by someone better than him.

Id clarify that `better' if I I may DS, as being `better prepared in this instance' and this instance is possible by Batman's very persona- he needs to be known of by criminals in general in order for his MO of `scariness' to be effective, however criminals (in particular `new threaghts' or `those whove bben plotting for years and who are only now ready to reveal themselves') have no such need to let themselves be known of to Batman, until its time to make their move. Batman is the most `prepared' hero of them all (more so than being a martial artist or scientist or even adetective, that is his thing) but it is impossible, impossible, to be prepred for everything. For instance- you cant `innoculate' yourself or build up an immunity against every poison or venon in the world; because- for instance- many anti-venoms are themselves posionous and only work as an antidote following a dose of the venom you're trying to overcome. And their are thousands of different venoms in the world. The only way Batman could carry anti-venom for all of them would be if his utility belt was like Dr. Who's tardis. These days Batman can defeat Scarecrow, Mr Freeze, Two Face, even the Joker etc etc with relative ease, in part because he's become `more professional' but also because he has learned their M.O. New criminals should pose a new threat and new challenge to Batman. And thats what Morrison's creations are doing. Plus! He's peppering the current stories with nods to past events, firmly placeing things within continuity with alot more style and subbtlety than some of the stories BlueJay professes to loveing.

Style and substance? Coming from stories from the 50s and 60s that were erased from continuity and forgotten due to them being completely insane and ridiculous to the point that they spawned the Adam West Batman?

Including a story that Denny O'Neil threw out of continuity because it ruined all the characters and was complete bull.

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